Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp


Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp

Nutrient Requirements Of Fish And Shrimp

By National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources and Committee on the Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp

Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp PDF. Aquaculture now supplies half of the seafood and fisheries products consumed worldwide and is gaining international significance as a source of food and income. Future demands for seafood and fisheries products can only be met by expanded aquaculture production. Such production will likely become more intensive and will depend increasingly on nutritious and efficient aquaculture feeds containing ingredients from sustainable sources.

To meet this challenge, Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp provides a comprehensive summary of current knowledge about nutrient requirements of fish and shrimp and supporting nutritional science. This edition incorporates new material and significant updates to information in the 1993 edition. It also examines the practical aspects of feeding of fish and shrimp.

Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp will be a key resource for everyone involved in aquaculture and for others responsible for the feeding and care of fish and shrimp. It will also aid scientists in developing new and improved approaches to satisfy the demands of the growing aquaculture industry.

Table of Contents

Basic concepts and methodology

Digestive physiology of fish and shrimp

Dietary energy utilization and metabolic integration

Proteins and amino acids


Carbohydrates and fiber



Feed additives

Antinutritional factors and adventitious toxins in feeds

Digestibility and availability

Nutrient delivery and feeding practices

Larval nutrition

Ingredients, formulation, and processing

Replacement of marine resources: effects of alternative ingredients and strategies on nutritional quality

Critical research needs

Nutrient requirement tables

Feed composition tables

Common and scientific names of species discussed in this report

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