Nevzorov Haute École Hoof Care Principles, A Step by Step Guide to the Basics

By Lydia Nevzorova

Nevzorov Haute École Hoof Care Principles, A Step by Step Guide to the Basics PDF. Nevzorov Haute École hoof care is the most sound, simple and affordable method explained in an easy and comprehensive step by step guide with over 600 color photos. The book was written for the students of Nevzorov Haute École but can readily be used by every horse owner who wants to trim his or her own horse. It is recommended for the novice as well as experienced trimmers.

Table of Contents

A Word from the Author
Hoof Anatomy
Hoof Measuring Parameters Scheme
On the School Trimming Method
Chapter 1.General Instructions
Hoof diary and hoof chronicles
Is your horse ready for trimming?
Are you ready for trimming?
Evaluation of hoof growth rate and balance — “field” study
Necessary tools
Chapter 2. Evaluation
Chapter 3. Step 1. Defining the true depth of the solar concavity
Chapter 4. Step 2. Defining the height of the heel area
Chapter 5. Step 3. Trimming: the frog
Chapter 6. Step 4. Trimming: the heels
Chapter 7. Step 5. Balance Check
Chapter 8. Step 6. Trimming: the bars
Chapter 9. Step 7. Trimming: the walls
Chapter 10. Step 8. Evaluation of the white line condition
Chapter 11. Step 9. Trimming: the hoof edge
Chapter 12. Step 10. Back to the frog
Chapter 13. Step 11. Wall arch — the scoop
Trimming: sole, false-sole and non-laminar bars
Answers to the test

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