Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice 2nd Edition


Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice, 2nd Edition

Veterinary Clinical Procedures In Large Animal Practice 2Nd Edition Pdf

By Jody Rockett and Susanna Bosted

Veterinary Clinical Procedures in Large Animal Practice 2nd Edition PDF thoroughly addresses the most common clinical procedures performed on horses, cattle, sheep, llamas, goats, and pigs in large animal veterinary practice. Every procedure includes a stated purpose, a review of potential complications, a checklist of the equipment required, and step-by-step descriptions with corresponding rationale that not only explains what needs to be done, but why each action will lead toward a successful outcome for the patient. With the new inclusion of clinical procedures for sheep and the addition of current information related to each large animal considered, this edition seeks to fully prepare aspiring veterinary technicians and DVMs for the field.

  • Facilitates learning by offering a procedural approach that clearly and concisely explains techniques utilized in the field.
  • Speaks to a wide range of learner abilities; covering basic procedures like haltering horses or cleaning stalls to advanced procedures such as IV catheters, nasogastric intubation, biopsy and abdominocentesis.
  • Explains the purpose of each technique to help learners understand how to accomplish a successful outcome for the patient.
  • Prepares learners with the tools required to successfully complete procedures, including equipment lists and a review of potential complications.
  • Offers reference materials in the Appendices that provide standard stats, husbandry information, vaccination requirements, and common terminology utilized in the field.
  • New detailed procedures related to the care of sheep and current information on each animal keeps learners apprised of the latest techniques in large animal practice.
  • Expanded coverage on handling dairy cattle during physical examination includes a new step-by-step explanation for operating a stanchion.
  • Extended coverage of sample collection includes a new step-by-step explanation on urethal catherization of the goat for the purposes of urinalysis.
  • Current information related to horses includes a new detailed explanation for microchip (RFID) implanation for clients who prefer a permanent, positive method of identification.
  • Additional full-color photos define and clarify procedures while depicting current equipment and techniques utilized in the field.

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Table of Contents


About the Authors

Section One: Care and Restraint Techniques

Ch 1: Ropes and Knots


Key Terms


Finishing the End of a Rope

Quick-Release Knot


Tomfool Knot

Double Half Hitch

Tail Tie

Braiding an Eye Splice

Rope Halters

Review Questions


Ch 2: Restraint Tools and Techniques


Key Terms

Complications of Restraint

Restraint of the Horse

Guidelines for Restraint of the Horse

Rules of Tying


Haltering and Leading

Applying Chains


Loading Horses in Trailers

Special Handling Scenarios

Restraint of Cattle

Guidelines for Restraint of Cattle

Processing Facilities

Operating Chutes

Operating Stanchions


Tailing-Up Cattle

Casting Cattle


Securing Cattle Feet for Examination

Miscellaneous Equipment

Nose Tongs

Nose Rings

Restraint of the Goat

Guidelines for Restraint of the Goat

Collaring and Leading Goats


Restraint of Sheep

Guidelines for Restraint of Sheep

Catching and Holding Sheep

Tipping Sheep

Restraint of the Pig

Guidelines for Restraint of the Pig

Pig Boards

Castration Restraint

Snout Snare

Restraint of the Llama

Guidelines for Restraint of the Llama

Haltering and Leading


Review Questions


Ch 3: Grooming and Stall Maintenance


Key Terms

Basic Grooming

Blankets and Fly Masks

Types of Blankets

Fly Masks

General Husbandry Procedures

Water Buckets, Feed Tubs, Salt Blocks, and Hay Nets

Identifying Feed

Hay Types

Hay Quality

Hay Quantity


Review Questions


Section Two: Physical Examination

Ch 4: Physical Examination


Key Terms

Basic History Taking

Patient Observation

Physical Examination

Female Reproductive Examination

Reproductive Examination of the Male

Examination for Legal Purposes

Review Questions


Section Three: Sample Collection and Clinical Procedures

Ch 5: Sample Collection


Key Terms

Blood Collection

Fecal Sample Collection

Urine Collection


Respiratory Sampling

Biopsy, Aspiration, Scrapes, and Smears

Nictitating Membrane Lymphoid Tissue Biopsy

Cultures and Testing

Necropsy Sampling

Review Questions


Ch 6: Clinical Procedures


Key Terms

Administering Oral Medications

Parenteral Administration of Drugs




Reproductive Treatments

Ocular Procedures

Identification Techniques

Microchip (RFID) Implant in a Horse

Review Questions


Ch 7: Neonatal Clinical Procedures


Key Terms


Milk Replacers and Colostrum


Early Neonatal Care Checklist

Parenteral Nutrition of Foals

Nasal Oxygen


Routine Neonatal Processing Procedures

Review Questions


Section Four: Surgical, Radiographic, and Anesthetic Preparation

Ch 8: Surgical Preparation


Key Terms

Surgery Team

Personal Preparation for Surgery

Instrument Pack Preparation and Sterilization

Preparation of the Patient for Surgery

Sutures, Needles, and Suturing Techniques

Surgical Castration of the Large Animal

Preparation of the Patient for Laparotomy

Obstetrical Procedures

Miscellaneous Common Large Animal Procedures

Review Questions


Ch 9: Selected Lower Limb Radiographic Procedures


Key Terms

Basic Radiographic Equipment

Basic Radiographic Safety

Hoof Preparation for Radiographs

Lower Limb Radiographs

Preparation of the Limb for Ultrasonographic Examination

Review Questions


Ch 10: Anesthesia


Key Terms

Veterinary Anesthesia in Large Animal Practice

Preanesthetic Period

Stages of Anesthesia

Parameters to Monitor in All Patients under Anesthesia

Monitoring Equipment

Sedatives and Tranquilizers Used in Large Animal Anesthesia

Anesthetic Agents

Sample General Anesthetic Regimens

Field Anesthesia

Inhalant Anesthesia in Large Animal Surgery

Local and Regional Anesthetic Blocks

Review Questions


Appendix Tables



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