Molecular Imaging of Small Animals Instrumentation and Applications

By Habib Zaidi

Molecular Imaging of Small Animals Instrumentation and Applications PDF examines the fundamental concepts of multimodality small-animal molecular imaging technologies and their numerous applications in biomedical research. Driven primarily by the widespread availability of various small-animal models of human diseases replicating accurately biological and biochemical processes in vivo, this is a relatively new yet rapidly expanding field that has excellent potential to become a powerful tool in biomedical research and drug development.

In addition to being a powerful clinical tool, a number of imaging modalities including but not limited to CT, MRI, SPECT and PET are also used in small laboratory animal research to visualize and track certain molecular processes associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders in living small animal models of disease. In vivo small-animal imaging is playing a pivotal role in the scientific research paradigm enabling to understand human molecular biology and pathophysiology using, for instance, genetically engineered mice with spontaneous diseases that closely mimic human diseases.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Scintillation Detectors for Small-Animal Imaging

Solid-State Detectors for Small-Animal Imaging

Photon Detectors for Small-Animal Imaging Instrumentation

Design Considerations of Small-Animal SPECT Cameras

Design Considerations for Small Animal PET Scanners

Design Considerations of Small-Animal CT Systems

Small-Animal MRI Instrumentation

Preclinical Optical Molecular Imaging

Advances in Radiotracer Development for Molecular Imaging

Image Registration for Multimodality Small-Animal Imaging

Dual-Modality Preclinical SPECT/PET Instrumentation

Dual-Modality Preclinical SPECT/CT Instrumentation

Dual-Modality Preclinical PET/CT Instrumentation

Dual-Modality Preclinical SPECT/MRI Instrumentation

Dual-Modality Preclinical PET/MRI Instrumentation

Dual-Modality Preclinical PET-OI Concepts and Instrumentation

Quantification of Small-Animal Imaging Data

Animal Handling and Preparation for Imaging

Applications of Small-Animal Imaging in Neurology and Psychiatry

Applications of Molecular Small-Animal Imaging in Cardiology

Applications of Molecular Small-Animal Imaging in Oncology

Applications of Molecular Small-Animal Imaging in Inflammation and Infection

Applications of Small-Animal Molecular Imaging of Gene Expression

Applications of Small-Animal Molecular Imaging in Drug Development

Multimodality Molecular Imaging: A Futuristic Outlook

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