Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging

Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging PDF Download

By Clifford R. Berry, Nathan C. Nelson and Matthew D. Winter

Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging provides a comprehensive, multimodality atlas of small animal diagnostic imaging, with high-quality images depicting radiography, scintigraphy, ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Taking a traditional body systems approach, the book offers an image-intensive resource to survey radiographs with some other imaging modalities being used to emphasize interpretation of survey radiographs. The Atlas offers clinically relevant information for small animal practitioners and students.

Each body structure is thoroughly covered and well-illustrated, with discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each modality in various scenarios.

Edited by three experienced radiographers, The Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging contains information on:

  • Basics of diagnostic imaging, physics of diagnostic imaging, CT and MRI physics, US physics, and nuclear medicine physics
  • Musculoskeletal normal anatomic variants, developmental orthopedic disease, joint disease, fracture and fracture healing, aggressive bone disease, and head and spine imaging
  • Thorax anatomy, variants, and interpretation paradigm, extrathoracic structures, pleural space, pulmonary parenchyma, and mediastinum
  • Abdomen anatomy, variants, and interpretation paradigm, extra-abdominal and body wall, peritoneal and retroperitoneal, liver and biliary, and spleen

With its expansive coverage of the subject and hundreds of high-quality images to aid in efficient and seamless reader comprehension, Atlas of Small Animal Diagnostic Imaging is an invaluable and must-have resource for small animal practitioners, veterinary students, veterinary radiologists, and specialists in a number of areas.

Table of Contents

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Section I:  Introduction and Physics

1. Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging

2. Physics of Diagnostic Imaging

3. CT and MRI Physics

4. US Physics

5. Nuclear Medicine Physics

Section II:  Musculoskeletal

6. Normal Anatomic Variants

7. Developmental Orthopedic Disease

8. Joint Disease

9. Fracture and Fracture Healing

10. Aggressive Bone Disease

11.  Head Imaging

12.  Spine Imaging

Section III:  Thorax

13. Anatomy, Variants, and Interpretation Paradigm Huynh

14. Extrathoracic Structures

15. Pleural Space

16. Pulmonary Parenchyma

17. Mediastinum

18. Cardiovascular

19. Feline Thorax

Section IV:  Abdomen

20. Anatomy, Variants, and Interpretation Paradigm

21. Extra-Abdominal and Body Wall

22. Peritoneal and Retroperitoneal

23. Liver and Biliary

24.  Spleen

25. Gastrointestinal Tract

26. Pancreas

27. Urogenital

28. Adrenal Glands and Lymph Nodes


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