Horse Owner’s Guide to Toxic Plants

Horse Owner’s Guide To Toxic Plants Pdf

By Sandra McQuinn and Steven D. Price

Horse Owner’s Guide to Toxic Plants PDF is a must-have, exclusive reference book for all horse owners, and the first of its kind on the subject of equines and plants. Keep this book in the medicine cabinet in the barn. Walk around the pastures with the book in hand, especially in late spring or early summer. Or pack it with on a trail ride. It just might save your horse’s life.

Horse Owner’s Guide to Toxic Plants is organized according to types of plants—trees, bushes, shrubs, and vines, ferns and plants, weeds and wildflowers, and grasses and horsetails. Since visuals are very important for correct identification, clear color photographs are shown, including wherever possible a close-up photograph and line drawing to better identify each plant. Horsewoman Sandra McQuinn has researched and compiled information on more than 100 more common but toxic plants that grow in backyards, pastures, and on the range and trail. Also included is advice from a veterinarian on how to recognize the symptoms of poisonings in your horse and what steps you or your own veterinarian should take if you suspect your horse has eaten a toxic plant.

Brimming with pertinent information and expert advice, Horse Owner’s Guide to Toxic Plants is a must-have for all equine aficionados. No horse owner should be without it, including those who board their horses.

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Steven D. Price
Hans’s Story
Why Would a Horse Eat a Toxic Plant?
Using the Horse Owner’s Field Guide to Toxic Plants
The Plants
Bushes, Shrubs, & Vines
Ferns & Palms
Weeds & Wildflowers
Grasses & Horsetails
Toxic Suspects
Pictorial Glossary
Photography Credits

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