Guide to Parrot Touching and Handling

Guide to Parrot Touching and Handling PDF

By Vaillancourt Johanne

Why are some touches, seemingly so natural to our domestic animals, not at all perceived by parrots as affectionate, or even friendly? Why do they feel they have to defend against them? Is their interpretation of our approaches so different?

The author invites you into the world of touch as a form of communication with your parrot; guiding you through his innate attitudes, helping you adjusts your behaviour so as not to fall in the dreaded trap of distorted messages. Touch is one of the most valuable components in creating emotional ties with your parrot. You will discover in the reading of these pages the most effective ways to tame your animal, how to slowly take the time necessary to seduce and develop his trust, what gestures to use and those to avoid.

This book presents an approach that is all nuances, first understanding your emotions face with this complex but yet simple task of establishing a line of communication, then providing you abundantly illustrated techniques to assist you in developing your abilities in the handling of your bird (up, towel, games to develop confidence, trimming of the nails, bathing or showering, reducing the stress of the necessary restraints in time of emergency or in preparation for the visit to the vet, etc.) , helping you hopefully avoid a corrosive encounter with his beak.

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