Fundamentals of Color Genetics In Canaries Reproduction and Control

By Octavio Perez-Beato

Fundamentals of Color Genetics In Canaries Reproduction and Control PDF. To enter the fascinating grounds of color canary breeding means to understand what to do and when to do it. Basic concepts of genetics are necessary to really succeed in this ancestral hobby. The management of mating, the identification of genetic formulas to handle breeding procedures, and finally get full control of the results to measure success and mistakes are all necessary as well.

This is exactly what this book is all about: offering the knowledge in simple and firm steps and giving the reader breeding procedures in a theoretical basis to perform modern color canary breeding, including the most recent mutations.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Basic Concepts on Genetics

Chapter 2: Mating Systems

Chapter 3: Pigments and Feathers in the Canary

Chapter 4: The Dominant White and the Recessive White Canary

Chapter 5: The Yellow and the Lemon-Yellow Canary

Chapter 6: The Red Factor Canary

Chapter 7: The Green and the Brown Canary

Chapter 8: The Dilution Factor: the Agate and the Isabelle Canary

Chapter 9: The Pastel Canary: the super dilution factor

Chapter 10: The Opal Canary: the extra dilution factor

Chapter 11: The Ivory Factor: dilute lipochromes

Chapter 12: The Pied Canary Genetics

Chapter 13: New Mutations. The Incredible Eighties

Chapter 14: Genetic Possibilities of a True Black Canary

Chapter 15: Obtaining Varieties through Simple Pairing

Chapter 16: Concomitant Factors in Color Canaries: other mutations

Chapter 17: The Nomenclature of Color Canaries

Chapter 18: Quantitative Canary Breeding

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