Essentials of Veterinary Surgery 8th Edition


Essentials of Veterinary Surgery 8th Edition

Essentials Of Veterinary Surgery 8Th Edition Book Pdf Download By A Venugopalan

By A Venugopalan

Essentials of Veterinary Surgery PDF Covers all the basic and essential information on general surgery, regional surgery, and operative surgery that veterinary students need to know. This book is a textbook for veterinary students and a ready-reference book for practicing veterinary surgeons. Postgraduate students have found it useful to refresh their memory and to make a quick review of the subject.



Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Reasons for surgery
3. Tenets (principles) of Halstead
4. Suture materials
5. Suture patterns, instruments and technique
6. Wounds
7. Shock
8. Burns and scalds
9. Phlebitis
10. Lymphangitis
11. Bursatee (bursati)
12. Tumours (neoplasms)
13. Cysts
14. Inflammation
15. Suppuration and abscess
16. Necrosis and gangrene
17. Ulcer
18. Sinuses and fistulae
19. Bier’s hyperaemia.
20. Yoke gall; saddle gall; bed sore; and sit fast
21. General inflammatory conditions affecting bones
22. General inflammatory conditions affecting joints
23. Counter-irritation; Physiotherapy; and Actinotherapy.
24. Ionization
25. Fundamentals of radiology
26. Surgical conditions affecting bursae
27. Fractures
28. Dislocations (luxations)
29. Paralysis
30. Intra-articular injection of corticosteroids
31. Surgical conditions affecting the locomotor system
32. Neurectomy
33. Surgical conditions affecting the vertebral column and spinal cord
34. Hernia
35. Thoracotomy in small animals
36. Surgical conditions affecting the mouth
37. Surgical conditions affecting the teeth.
38. Dentition and ageing
39. Surgical conditions affecting the oesophagus
40. Surgical conditions affecting the stomach
41. Surgical conditions affecting the intestines, colon and rectum
42. Resection of fifth rib in cattle
43. Castration and vasectomy
44. Urology

45. Surgical conditions affecting the teats and mammary glands
46. Surgical conditions affecting the frontal and maxillary sinuses in the ox and horse
47. Surgical conditions affecting horns in cattle
48. Surgical conditions affecting the ear
49. Roaring
50. Empyema of guttural pouch
51. Ophthalmology
52. Surgical conditions affecting birds
53. Anaesthesia and analgesia
54. Control of haemorrhage
55. Pre-operative preparations
56. Post-operative care of patient
57. Surgical instruments
58. Cryosurgery (cryogenic technique)
59. Cornual nerve block
60. Ligation of Stenson’s duct in bovine
61. Trephining of the frontal sinus in bovine
62. Trephining the maxillary sinus in bovine
63. Operation for entropion (surgical correction of entropion)
64. Operation for ectropion (surgical correction of ectropion)
65. Removal of the eye
66. Evisceration of the eyeball
67. Dehorning (amputation of horn)
68. Removal of molars in bovine
69. Emergency tracheotomy
70. Oesophagotomy
71. Operation for “tumour neck” (chronic yoke abscess) in cattle
72. Paracentesis thoracis in bovine
73. Pericardiotomy in bovine
74. Paracentesis abdominis (laparocentesis) in bovine
75. Puncture of rumen (rumenocentesis)
76. Paravertebral nerve block in bovine
77. Rumenotomy
78. Abomasotomy
79. Epidural analgesia (caudal epidural analgesia) in bovine
80. Castration of bull
81. Oopherectomy (spaying) in cow
82. Hysterotomy (caesarian section) in cow
83. Amputation of penis (penotomy) in bull
84. Urethrotomy in bull
85. Cystotomy in bovine
86. Ablation (Amputation) of mammary gland of cow
87. Operation for teat fistula in cow
88. Operation for stricture of teat in cow
89. Digital nerve block of fore-limb in bovine
90. Pudic (internal pudendal) nerve block in bull Patellar desmotomy (section of internal straight ligament of patella) in bovine
92. Amputation of digit (claw) in bovine
93. Amputation of limb in bovine
94. Amputation of tail
95. Maxillary nerve block in canine
96. Mandibular and mental nerve blocks in canine
97. Nerve block for eye operations in canine
98. Canthotomy
99. Extirpation of Harder’s (Harderian) gland in canine
100. Haematoma operation of ear (surgical treatment for haematoma of ear) in canine
101. Ear trimming or ear cropping in canine
102. Zepp’s operation for chronic otorrhoea in canine
103. Ventriculo-cordectomy (debarking) in canine
104. Tonsillectomy in canine
105. Extraction of teeth (exodontia) in canine
106. Oesophagotomy in canine
107. Thyroidectomy in canine
108. Paracentesis thoracis in canine
109. Thoracotomy in canine
110. Paracentesis abdominis in canine
111. Laparotomy (coeliotomy) in canine
112. Gastrotomy in canine
113. Enterotomy in canine
114. Enterectomy and enteroanastomosis in canine
115. Caecectomy in canine (Typhlectomy)
116. Spleenectomy in canine
117. Perineal herniorrhaphy (reconstruction of the pelvic diaphragm) in canine
118. Ablation of para-anal sacs in canine
119. Epidural anaesthesia in canine
120. Puncture of bladder in canine
121. Vasectomy in dog
122. Castration (orchiectomy) in dog
123. Urethrotomy in dog
124. Amputation of penis in dog
125. Nephrectomy (removal of kidney) in canine
126. Oopherectomy (spaying) in bitch
127. Hysterectomy (caesarian section) in bitch
128. Panhysterectomy (ovareohysterectomy) in bitch
129. Ablation of mammary gland (amputation of mammary gland) in bitch
130. Episiotomy in bitch
131. Intravenous injection in canine
132. Amputation of limb in canine
133. Amputation of digit in canine
134. Amputation of tail (docking) in canine
135. Standards for ear trimming and docking in canine
136. Some methods for immobilization of fractures
137. Euthanasia by shooting, horse
138. Euthanasia by pithing, horse
139. Mandibular nerve block in equine

140. Supraorbital nerve block in equine
141. Infraorbital neurectomy in equine
142. Trephining of facial sinuses in equine
143. Amputation of tongue in equine
144. Surgical drainage from guttural pouch in equine
145. Roaring operation (ventriculectomy; stripping of ventricles; hobdaying) in horse
146. Muting operation in equine
147. Oesophagotomy in horse
148. Paracentesis thoracis in horse
149. Caecocentesis (caecal puncture) in horse
150. Cystotomy in equine
151. Castration of horse
152. Amputation of penis in horse
153. Urethrotomy in horse
154a. Oopherectomy (spaying: overiotomy) in mare
154b. Caslick’s operation of suturing vulva in mare/cow
155. Operation for blemished knee in equine (Cherry’s operation)
156. Median neurectomy in equine
157. Median nerve block in equine
158. Ulnar neurectomy in equine
159. Ulnar nerve block in equine
160. Volar and plantar neurectomies in equine
161. Digital neurectomy (low volar and low plantar neurectomies) in equine
162. Anterior tibial (deep peroneal) neurectomy in equine
163. Posterior tibial (internal popliteal or tibial) neurectomy in equine
164. Plantar tenotomy (sections of perforans and
perforatus tendons) in equine
165. Cunean tenotomy and periosteotomy in equine
166. Ligation of digital artery in equine
167. Peroneal tenotomy (Boccar’s operation) in equine
168. Docking (amputation of tail) in equine
169. Epidural anaesthesia in equine
170. Caponization of fowl (chicken)
171. Ingluviotomy (incising the crop) in fowl (chicken)
172. Amputation or dubbing of comb and wattles in fowl (chicken)
1. Form of soundness certificate for horse
2. Specimen of soundness certificate for horse
3. Specimen of a wound certificate
4. Some terms derived from Latin, Greek and French
5. Some abbreviations used in scientific literature
6. Cries of animals
7. Some terms pertaining to animals Objective- Type Questions

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