Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy 2nd Edition

Small Animal Laparoscopy And Thoracoscopy 2Nd Edition Pdf Download

By Boel A. Fransson , Philipp D. Mayhew

Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy, 2nd Edition PDF is a rigorous update of the first book to provide comprehensive and current information about minimally invasive surgery in dogs and cats. With a focus on techniques in rigid endoscopy, the book also includes guidance on additional surgeries outside the abdomen and chest.  New chapters describe newly developed surgical techniques, while existing chapters have been thoroughly updated.

The authors include detailed stepwise instructions for each procedure, including clinical photographs. Pre-operative considerations, patient positioning, portal placement, and postoperative care are also discussed, with key points of consideration outlined for each surgery.

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Purchasers of the Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy 2nd Edition book will also receive access to a companion website featuring video clips of the fundamental skills and surgical techniques described in the resource.  The book also offers:

  • An introduction to laparoscopic suturing and knot tying with accompanying video tutorials
  • A thorough introduction to the equipment used in laparoscopic and thoracoscopic veterinary surgeries, including imaging equipment, surgical instrumentation, energy devices, and stapling equipment
  • Clear explanations of foundational techniques in laparoscopy, including laparoscopic anesthesia, access techniques, contraindications, complications, and conversion
  • Robust descriptions of fundamental techniques in thoracoscopy, including patient positioning, port placement, contraindications, complications, and conversion
  • Discussions of a wide variety of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgical procedures

Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy is an essential reference for veterinary surgeons, veterinary internal medicine specialists and residents, and small animal general practitioners seeking a one-stop reference for minimally invasive surgery in dogs and cats.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Dr Todd Ponsky



About the Companion Website,

History of Small Animal Laparoscopy and Thoracoscopy, xiv

Section I: Laparoscopic Skills

1             Surgeons’ Skills Training,

Boel A. Fransson, Claude A. Ragle, Chiya Chen

2             Minimally Invasive Suturing Techniques,

Boel A. Fransson and Kyle W. Martin

Section II: Equipment

3             Imaging Equipment and Operating Room Setup,

Fausto Brandão and Christopher Chamness

4             Surgical Instrumentation

4.1         Surgical Instrumentation,

Elizabeth A. Swanson

4.2         Trocars and Cannulas,

Nicole J. Buote

4.3         Miscellaneous Surgical Instrumentation,

Wm. Alexander Fox-Alvarez and Penny Regier

5             Energy Devices and Stapling Equipment,

Sarah Marvel and Eric Monnet

6             Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Devices,

Christopher Thomson and Jeffrey J. Runge

Section III: Fundamental Techniques in Laparoscopy

7             Anesthesia Management of Dogs and Cats for Laparoscopy,

Marlis L. de Rezende and Khursheed Mama

8             Laparoscopic Access and the working space,

Erin Gibson, Boel A. Fransson and Gilles Dupre

9             Laparoscopic Contraindications, Complications, and Conversion,

Bart Van Goethem and Nikola Katic

Section IV: Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures

10           Diagnostic Laparoscopy of the Gastrointestinal Tract,

Penny J. Regier and J. Brad Case

11           Laparoscopic-Assisted Feeding Tube Placement, Gastrotomy, Enterotomy, and Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis

Penny J. Regier and J. Brad Case

12           Laparoscopic and Laparoscopic-Assisted Gastropexy Techniques,

Ingrid M. Balsa and Jeffrey J. Runge

13  Laparoscopic Treatment of Sliding Hiatal Hernia and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Philipp D. Mayhew, Stanley L. Marks. Rachel Pollard

14           Laparoscopic Splenectomy,

Stephanie L. Shaver and Ameet Singh

15           Laparoscopic Liver Biopsy, Resection, Ablation and Cholecystocentesis,

Ameet Singh, J. Brad Case

16           Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy,

Philipp D. Mayhew, Ameet Singh and Hiroo Kanai

17           Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy,

Philipp D. Mayhew, Felipe J. Lillo Araya, Jolle Kirpensteijn

18           Laparoscopic Surgery of the Pancreas,

Sebastiaan A. van Nimwegen, Floryne O. Buishand, , and Jolle Kirpensteijn

19           Laparoscopic Renal Biopsy,

Ingrid M. Balsa, Carrie Palm

20           Laparoscopic Ureteronephrectomy,

Philipp D. Mayhew and Ameet Singh


21           Transurethral Cystoscopy and Laparoscopic-assisted Cystotomy for Urolith Removal and Mass Resection

Val F. Scharf, Jeffrey J. Runge

22           Laparoscopic Ovariohysterectomy, Ovariectomy and Hysterectomy

Nicole J. Buote, Boel A. Fransson and Kyle W. Martin

23           Laparoscopic Castration and Sterilization Techniques of the Male Dog

Stephane Libermann, Kyle W. Martin and Boel A. Fransson

24           The Role of Laparoscopy in Cancer Staging,

Michele A. Steffey

25           Diaphragmatic and Inguinal Herniorrhaphy,

Mauricio Veloso Brun, Valery F. Scharf, Boel A. Fransson

26           NOTES

Mauricio Veloso Brun and Lynetta Freeman

Section V: Fundamental Techniques in Thoracoscopy

27           Anesthesia for Thoracoscopy,

Peter J. Pascoe and Philipp D. Mayhew

28           Patient Positioning, Port Placement, and Access Techniques for Thoracoscopic Surgery,

Michelle L. Oblak and William T.N. Culp

29  Thoracoscopic anatomy, exploration and diagnostic thoracoscopy

Valery F. Scharf

30           Thoracoscopic Contraindications, Complications, and Conversion,

W. Alex Fox-Alvarez and J. Brad Case

Section VI: Thoracoscopic Surgical Procedures

31           Thoracoscopic and Thoracoscopic-assisted Lung Biopsy and Lung Lobectomy,

Eric Monnet and Jacqui Scott

32           Thoracoscopic Pericardial Window and Subtotal Pericardectomy in Dogs and Cats,

Gilles Dupre and J. Brad Case

33           Thoracoscopic Placement of Epicardial Pacemakers,

Stephane Libermann

34           Right Auricular Mass Resection,

Stephane Libermann, Eric Monnet and J. Brad Case

35           Minimally Invasive Treatment of Chylothorax,

Boel A. Fransson, Ameet Singh, Philipp D. Mayhew

36           Thoracoscopic Treatment of Vascular Ring Anomalies,

Eric Monnet and Ameet Singh

37           Thoracoscopic Mediastinal Mass Resection,

J. Brad Case, W. Alex Fox-Alvarez and William T.N. Culp

38           Minimally Invasive Cancer Staging in the Thorax,

Michele A. Steffey


Section V: Surgery facilitated by Exoscopy

39.  Exoscopy in Small Animal Surgery

Tina Owen and Gilles Dupre


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