Small Animal Surgery, Bloodless Surgery

Small Animal Surgery, Bloodless Surgery

By José Rodríguez Gómez, Guillermo C. Couto and Jorge Llinás

José Rodríguez, together with Guillermo Couto and Jorge Llinás, surprises us again with a new volume of the Small Animal Surgery collection, although this time he focuses on the application of bloodless surgery. The author and his colleagues use their wide experience to show readers the importance of ensuring appropriate haemostasis in surgical procedures. The basic principles of haemostasis, their practical application in various clinical cases or the different techniques available are explained throughout the book, and the information is complemented by numerous images that will help the clinician to ensure haemostasis (making knots step by step, surgical procedures shown in sequences of images, etc.). This work also stands out by including high-quality and very didactic videos, with which the reader will be able to gain valuable knowledge.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Haemostasis and haemostatic disorders

Physiology of haemostasis for clinicians

Clinical signs in haemorrhagic syndromes

Techniques for the evaluation of haemostasis

Care of patients with coagulopathies orpreoperativehaemorrhages

Common coagulopathies in veterinary practice

3. Anticoagulation and fibrinolysis


Thromboembolic diseases

Antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants and fibrinolytics

4. Principles of blood transfusion



Blood types

Blood administration


5. Anaesthesia and perioperative bleeding


Factors involved

Effects of anaesthetic drugs

Fluid therapy

Local and regional anaesthesia



Anaesthetic techniques thatminimise bleeding

6. Preoperative haemostatic techniques

Systemic prohaemostatic drugs

Supportive haemostatic treatments

7. Intraoperative haemostasis techniques

Techniques for minimising blood loss during surgery

Preventative haemostasis

Clinical applications in hepatic, splenic and pulmonary surgery

Definitive haemostasis

Surgical haemostatic techniques

Estimated intraoperative blood loss

8. High energy surgical equipment



Laser surgery

Laser in veterinary surgery

Other systems

Personal safety

9. Cryotherapy and cryosurgery

Local hypothermia. Cryotherapy


Cryogenic agents

Cryogenic agent application techniques

Warnings and postoperative care

10. Postoperative bleeding


Causes of bleeding

Assessment of bleeding severity


Evolution of postoperative bleeding

Diagnosis and ultrasound monitoring of postoperative bleeding

11. Applications and surgical case studies

Maxillofacial surgery

Ophthalmic surgery

Ear surgery

Penile surgery

Hepatic surgery

Adrenal gland surgery

Cardiovascular surgery

Perianal fistulae

Brachycephalic syndrome

12. References

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