Equine Neurology, 2nd Edition

Equine Neurology 2Nd Edition Pdf

By Martin Furr and Stephen Reed

Equine Neurology 2nd Edition PDF provides a fully updated new edition of the only equine-specific neurology book, with comprehensive, clinically oriented information.

  • Offers a complete clinical reference to neurologic conditions in equine patients
  • Takes a problem-based approach to present a clinically oriented perspective
  • Presents new chapters on imaging the nervous system, neuronal physiology, sleep disorders, head shaking, differential diagnosis of muscle trembling and weakness, and cervical articular process joint disease
  • Covers the basic principles of neurology, clinical topics such as the initial exam, differentials, and neuropathology, and specific conditions and disorders
  • Includes access to a companion website offering video clips demonstrating presenting signs
Table of Contents

Notes on contributors vii Preface ix

About the companion website x

Section 1: Foundations of Clinical Neurology

1 Overview of neuroanatomy 3
Caroline Hahn and Jerry Masty

2 Cerebrospinal fluid and the blood–brain barrier 21
Martin Furr

3 Immunology of the central nervous system 36
Martin Furr

4 Pharmaceutical considerations for treatment of central nervous system disease 46
Véronique A. Lacombe and Martin Furr

5 Fundamental neurophysiology 58
Craig Johnson and Caroline Hahn

Section 2: Clinical Equine Neurology

6 Examination of the nervous system 67
Martin Furr and Stephen Reed

7 Differential diagnosis and management of horses with seizures or alterations in consciousness 79
Véronique A. Lacombe and Martin Furr

8 Differential diagnosis of equine spinal ataxia 93
Martin Furr

9 Differential diagnosis and management of cranial nerve abnormalities 99
Robert J. MacKay

10 Sleep and sleep disorders in horses 123
Joseph J. Bertone

11 Headshaking 130
Monica Aleman and Kirstie Pickles

12 Differential diagnosis of urinary incontinence and cauda equina syndrome 139
Melissa Hines

13 Differential diagnosis of muscle tremor and paresis 149
Amy L. Johnson

14 Electrodiagnostic evaluation of the nervous system 157
George M. Strain and Frank Andrews

15 Anesthetic considerations for horses with neurologic disorders 184
Adriana G. Silva

16 The basics of equine neuropathology 191
Fabio Del Piero and John L. Robertson

17 Diagnostic imaging of the equine nervous system 215
Katherine Garrett

Section 3: Specific Disease Syndromes

18 Equine herpesvirus]associated myeloencephalopathy 225
Lutz S. Goehring

19 Mosquito]borne infections affecting the central nervous system 233
Maureen T. Long

20 Contagious neurological diseases 262
Maureen T. Long

21 Bacterial infections of the central nervous system 273
Martin Furr

22 Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis 285
Martin Furr and Daniel K. Howe

23 Parasitic infections of the central nervous system 306
Martin Furr

24 Miscellaneous infections of the central nervous system 314
Martin Furr

25 Disorders associated with clostridial neurotoxins: Botulism and tetanus 319
Martin Furr

26 Neurodegenerative disorders 328
Robert J. MacKay

27 Equine hepatic encephalopathy 343
Tom Divers

28 Cervical vertebral stenotic myelopathy 349
Amy L. Johnson and Stephen Reed

29 Electrolyte abnormalities and neurologic dysfunction in horses 368
Ramiro E. Toribio

30 Cervical articular process disease fractures and other axial skeletal disorders 386
Richard Hepburn

31 Congenital malformation of the nervous system 401
Martin Furr

32 Central nervous system trauma 406
Yvette S. Nout]Lomas

33 Disorders of the peripheral nervous system 429
Martin Furr

34 Equine neurotoxic agents and conditions 437
Martin Furr

35 Neonatal encephalopathy and related conditions 455
Martin Furr

36 Miscellaneous movement disorders 465
Caroline Hahn

37 Stereotypic and behavior disorders 472
Carissa L. Wickens and Katherine A. Houpt

38 Miscellaneous conditions 484
Martin Furr

Index 000

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