Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research


Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research

Emerging Issues In Fish Larvae Research

By Manuel Yúfera

Emerging Issues in Fish Larvae Research PDF deals with the fundamentals of key physiological mechanisms involved in the development and growth of fish larvae. Chapters included show how the environmental and nutritional conditions are affecting the developmental process from its molecular basis and how these same conditions also influence the final characteristics of late larvae and fry. This volume provides recent findings on the importance of environmental rhythms, some specific nutrients and the adequate microbial environment in the developmental processes including recent results of current research projects.

  • Findings of recent or current ongoing research projects on fish larvae physiology
  • New previously unseen aspects on developmental physiology of fish larvae
  • Looks at new views and research approaches on old questions
  • Includes topics such as environmental cycles, biological rhythms, nutritional modulation, feeding and
  • development and more
Table of Contents

Investigating Fish Larvae-Microbe Interactions in the 21st Century: Old Questions Studied with New Tools

Environmental Cycles and Biological Rhythms During Early Development

The Digestive Function in Developing Fish Larvae and Fry. From Molecular Gene Expression to Enzymatic Activity

Variability in Digestive Enzyme Capacity in Early Stages of Marine Fish Larvae: Ontogenetic Variations, Biorhythms, Hormonal Control and Nutrient Sensing Mechanisms

Phospholipids in Marine Larval Rearing

Fat-Soluble Vitamins in Fish: A Transcriptional Tissue-Specific Crosstalk that Remains to be Unveiled and Characterized

Nutritional Modulation of Marine Fish Larvae Performance

Fish Pigmentation. A Key Issue for the Sustainable Development of Fish Farming

Novel Aspects of Phosphate Endocrine Control: A Key Element for the Long-Term Sustainability of Finfish Aquaculture

Feeding and Development of Warm Water Marine Fish Larvae in Early Life

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