Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development 2nd Edition

Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development 2nd Edition

By Benjamin E. Blass

Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development 2nd Edition PDF presents the multifaceted process of identifying a new drug in the modern era, which requires a multidisciplinary team approach with input from medicinal chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, drug metabolism experts, toxicologists, clinicians, and a host of experts from numerous additional fields. Enabling technologies such as high throughput screening, structure-based drug design, molecular modeling, pharmaceutical profiling, and translational medicine are critical to the successful development of marketable therapeutics.

Given the wide range of disciplines and techniques that are required for cutting edge drug discovery and development, a scientist must master their own fields as well as have a fundamental understanding of their collaborator’s fields. This book bridges the knowledge gaps that invariably lead to communication issues in a new scientist’s early career, providing a fundamental understanding of the various techniques and disciplines required for the multifaceted endeavor of drug research and development. It provides students, new industrial scientists, and academics with a basic understanding of the drug discovery and development process. The fully updated text provides an excellent overview of the process and includes chapters on important drug targets by class, in vitro screening methods, medicinal chemistry strategies in drug design, principles of in vivo pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, animal models of disease states, clinical trial basics, and selected business aspects of the drug discovery process.

  • Provides a clear explanation of how the pharmaceutical industry works, as well as the complete drug discovery and development process, from obtaining a lead, to testing the bioactivity, to producing the drug, and protecting the intellectual property
  • Includes a new chapter on the discovery and development of biologics (antibodies proteins, antibody/receptor complexes, antibody drug conjugates), a growing and important area of the pharmaceutical industry landscape
  • Features a new section on formulations, including a discussion of IV formulations suitable for human clinical trials, as well as the application of nanotechnology and the use of transdermal patch technology for drug delivery
  • Updated chapter with new case studies includes additional modern examples of drug discovery through high through-put screening, fragment-based drug design, and computational chemistry
Table of Contents
  • 1. Drug Discovery and Development: An Overview of Modern Methods and Principles
    2. The Drug Discovery Process: From Ancient Times to the Present Day
    3. Classical Targets in Drug Discovery
    4. In Vitro Screening Systems
    5. Medicinal Chemistry
    6. In vitro ADME and In vivo Pharmacokinetics
    7. Animal Models of Disease States
    8. Safety and Toxicology
    9. Antibody Drug Discovery
    10. Basics of Clinical Trials
    11. Translational Medicine and Biomarkers
    12. Organizational Considerations and Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    13. Intellectual Property and Patents in Drug Discovery
    14. Case Studies in Drug Discovery

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