Domestic Duck Production: Science and Practice

Domestic Duck Production: Science and Practice PDF

By P. Cherry and T. Morris

Domestic Duck Production: Science and Practice PDF. Ducks are kept for profit in a great diversity of circumstances in both temperate and tropical climates. Outlining the biology of the domestic duck, this book also combines the authors’ considerable practical and scientific experience to provide quantitative descriptions of nutritional and environmental effects on growing and breeding ducks, as well as practical advice on husbandry, housing and management. It is an essential resource for duck industry practitioners, researchers, and students.

Peter Cherry worked as Development Manager for a major duck producer before assuming a world-wide role as a consultant. Trevor Morris is a world-renowned poultry scientist who has also worked as a duck consultant. Their combined knowledge of the duck and the duck industry is thus unparalleled.

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Table of Contents

1: History and biology of the domestic duck

2: Systems of production

3: Housing and environment

4: Husbandry of table duckling

5: Nutrition and factors affecting body composition

6: Rearing of parent stock

7: Management of breeding ducks

8: Fertility and hatchability

9: Genetic improvement

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