Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health


Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health

Dietary Nutrients: Additives And Fish Health Pdf

By Cheng-Sheng Lee

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health PDF. Fish nutrition can be the deciding factor between a robust and healthy farmed fish population and low aquaculture production. In an age where chemicals and antibiotics are under greater scrutiny than ever, a strong understanding of the role of nutrients and feed additives is essential in the aquaculture industry.

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health is a comprehensive review of dietary nutrients, antinutritional factors and toxins, and non-nutrient dietary additives, and their effects on fish performance and immune system function, as well as overall health.

The book opens with an overview of fish immune systems and health. Subsequent chapters delve into proteins and amino acids, lipids and fatty acids, carbohydrates, beta glucans, vitamins, minerals, antinutrients, mycotoxins, nucleotides, prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids and their salts, and plant extracts and their impacts on fish health, growth, and development. The text then concludes with a chapter on feeding practices.

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Table of Contents

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1 Overview of Fish Immune System and Infectious Diseases

2 Protein, Amino Acids, and Ingredients

3 Lipids and Fatty Acids

4 Carbohydrates

5 β-Glucans

6 Vitamins (Excluding C and E)

7 The Effect of Vitamin C on Fish Health

8 Vitamin E

9 Minerals

10 Antinutrients

11 Mycotoxin Contamination of Fish Feeds

12 Nucleotides

13 Prebiotics

14 Gastrointestinal Microorganisms of Fish and Probiotics

15 Organic Acids and Their Salts

16 Plant Extracts

17 Feeding Practices and Fish Health


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