Deafness in Dogs and Cats

Deafness in Dogs and Cats PDF

By George M. Strain

Deafness in Dogs and Cats PDF. Deafness in pets is a very common problem and is increasingly being presented to veterinarians, as owners and breeders become more aware and concerned about such issues. This book provides complete coverage of the subject describing the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, types of deafness, testing for deafness, methods of amelioration and management, behaviour of deaf animals, and other issues associated with living and dealing with deaf pets.

An informative volume Providing a thorough review of the latest research into deafness in dogs and cats

Table of Contents

1: Anatomy of the Auditory System

1.1: Anatomy of the External Ear

1.2: Anatomy of the Middle Ear

1.3: Anatomy of the Inner Ear

1.4: Development of the Ear

1.5: Blood Supply of the Ear

1.6: Innervation of the Ear

2: Physiology of the Auditory System

2.1: Sound

2.2: Divisions of the Ear

2.3: Sound Localization

2.4: Central Projections

3: Forms and Mechanisms of Deafness

3.1: Unilateral versus Bilateral Deafness

3.2: Partial versus Total Deafness

3.3: Syndromic versus Non-syndromic Deafness

3.4: Peripheral versus Central Deafness

3.5: Forms of Peripheral Deafness

3.6: Other Forms of Hearing Disturbance

3.7: Treatment of Deafness

4: Hereditary Deafness

4.1: Dogs

4.2: Cats

5: Later Onset Deafness

5.1: Ototoxicity

5.2: Presbycusis

5.3: Noise Trauma

5.4: Anesthesia-associated Deafness

5.5: Conduction Deafness

6: Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER)

6.1: Biophysics of BAER Recordings

6.2: Overview of the BAER

6.3: Extrinsic Factors Affecting the BAER

6.4: Intrinsic Factors Affecting the BAER

6.5: Clinical Applications of the BAER

7: Other Tests of Auditory Function

7.1: Endocochlear Potential

7.2: Cochlear Microphonic and Summating Potential

7.3: Electrocochleogram

7.4: Acoustic Impedance, Tympanometry and the Acoustic Reflex

7.5: Middle- and Long-latency-evoked Responses

7.6: Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions

7.7: Saccule- and Vestibular-evoked Myogenic Potentials

8: Living with a Deaf Dog or Cat

8.1: Behavior of Deaf Animals

8.2: Hand Signal Training

8.3: Counseling For Owners/Breeders of Deaf Animals

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