Dairy Herd Health PDF

Dairy Herd Health

By Martin Green

Dairy herd health PDF Book is an important and universal topic in large animal veterinary practice and farming, covering both preventive medicine and health promotion. With the move towards large-scale farming, the health of the herd is important as an economic unit and to promote the health of the individuals within it. This book focuses on diseases within herds, herd husbandry practices, youngstock management and environmental issues. Major diseases and conditions are covered, including mastitis, lameness, nutrition, metabolic and common infectious diseases from a herd health perspective. It is an essential resource for veterinary practitioners and students, researchers and dairy industry personnel.

Table of Contents

1: Concepts in Dairy Herd Health

2: Facilitating Change in Herd Health

3: Restoring the Dairy Herd: Rearing Young Stock and Replacing Cows

4: Managing Herd Reproduction

5: Control of Mastitis and Enhancement of Milk Quality

6: Control of Lameness

7: Control of Infectious Disease

8: Nutritional Management of Herd Health

9: Dairy Farming, Food Security and Environmental Issues

10: Appendices: Sample Sizes and Disease Prevalence Estimates; Genetic and Herd Health

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