Current Research in Animal Physiology

Current Research in Animal Physiology PDF

By Victor S. Lamoureux

Current Research in Animal Physiology PDF. Animal physiology is the scientific study of how the bodies of animals function. How does an animal breathe, develop, eat and digest, reproduce, control its activities? The field encompasses the molecular, cellular, tissue and organ systems of animals. This book looks at an eclectic selection of studies in animal physiology, including how animals adapt to their physical environments, how human interaction can affect animal functioning, and much more.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Animal Physiology and Circadian Photoresponses

Chapter 2 Complications in High Caloric Diet-Fed Rats

Chapter 3 Young Wild-Type Mice and Serotonin-Related Variables

Chapter 4 Neurogenesis of Peripuberal and Adult Rabbits

Chapter 5 Monkeys and Taste Development

Chapter 6 Intermittent Claudication in Canines

Chapter 7 Body Mechanics of Moving Cats

Chapter 8 Wound Repair on Horses with Equine CPNNB1 and PECAM1

Chapter 9 Genetic Factors of Scrotal Hernia in Commercial Pigs

Chapter 10 Acute Heat Stress Effect on Milk Serotonin of Cows

Chapter 11 Insect Physiology and Detection of Moving Targets

Chapter 12 Honey Bee Queen Physiology and Insemination

Chapter 13 High Heat Effect on City Ants

Chapter 14 Hemolymph Flow in Grasshoppers’ (Schistocerca americana) Hearts

Chapter 15 Sexual Maturity and Swimming in Male Silver Eels

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