Corrective Farriery, A Textbook of Remedial Horsehoeing, Volume 1

By Simon Curtis

Corrective Farriery, A Textbook of Remedial Horsehoeing, Volume 1 PDF book written for farriers, veterinary surgeons and related professionals from around the world. Describes the combining of traditional farriery skills with veterinary knowledge and advanced techniques of repair and shoeing. Chapters as follows: Anatomy of the Equine Leg The diagnosis of lameness Imaging the foot and leg Development of the leg and foot Chronic foot lameness the principles of foot balance Making and appting bar shoes Shoeing for tendon lesions Shoeing for hindlimb conditions Keratoma of the hoof capsule Lesions of the hoof Hospital plate shoes Geographical influences upon shoeing Laminitis Mediolateral limb deformities Shoeing for grip glossary Biographies Index

Table of Contents

Сhapter 1 Anatomy of the Еquine leg

Сhapter 2 The Diagnosis of Lameness

Chapter 3 imaging thе toot and Leg

Сhapter 4 Development of the Leg and Foot

Сhapter 5 Chroniс Foot Lameness

Сhapter 6 The Prinсiples of Foot BaIanсe

Сhapter 7 Making and Adapting Bar Shoes

Сhapter 8 Shoeing for Tendon Lesions

Сhapter 9 Shoeing for Hindlimb Conditions

Сhapter 10 Кeratoma of the Hoof Сapsule

Сhapter 11 Lesions of the Hoof

Сhapter 12 Hospital Plate Shoes

Сhapter 13 Geographiсal lnfluenсes upon Shoeiпg

Сhapter 14 Laminitis

Сhapter 15 MediolateraI Limb Deformities

Сhapter 16 Shoeing for Grip




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