Hoof Care for Horses

Hoof Care For Horses

By Henry Heymering C.J.F., R.M.F.

Hoof Care for Horses PDF Expert Hoof Care Advice at Your Fingertips No foot, no horse. It’s an old saying, but it rings as true today as it ever did in humankind’s history of horsemanship. What can you do to ensure your horse’s hooves are sound? Follow the advice of those who know horses’ hooves best: farriers.
In Hoof Care for Horses, long-time farrier Henry Heymering outlines the best preventative maintenance for hooves, giving practical tips on achieving dry footing, good ventilation in stalls, proper diet, and adequate exercise. You’ll learn about the best supplements for hoof health — and when is the right time to give them to your horse — as well as how to recognize and treat common shoe and hoof wall problems, sole and frog conditions, and internal hoof diseases. You’ll even discover the best way to pick up and clean a horse’s hoof, as well as how to properly hold a horse for a farrier. Offering tricks of the trade, expert advice, and simple step-by-step techniques, Heymering makes it easy for owners to practice good hoof care on a daily basis.

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Prevention Comes First
  • A Hoof Care Glossary
  • Home Hoof Care: Cleaning Hooves
  • Finding a Good Hoof Care Professional
  • Holding a Horse During Shoeing or Trimming
  • Evaluating a Trimming or Shoeing Job
  • Common Shoe Problems
  • Common Hoof Wall Problems
  • Sole and Frog Conditions
  • Internal Hoof Diseases

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