Controlled Reproduction in Cattle and Buffaloes

Controlled Reproduction in Cattle and Buffaloes PDF

By Ian Gordon

Controlled Reproduction in Cattle and Buffaloes PDF. The aim of the Controlled Reproduction in Farm Animals Series is to provide a general review of the literature dealing with the different ways in which reproduction in the major farm mammals can be controlled and manipulated. It is effectively an expanded and new edition of a previous work, Controlled Breeding in Farm Animals (Pergamon Press, 1983). However, the literature on this subject has expanded so rapidly since the time of the earlier volume, that it is now thought appropriate to publish it in four separate volumes. Buffalo, goats, deer, and camelids have also been added to the species covered. The set of volumes will appeal to reproductive physiologists, animal scientists, and workers in veterinary medicine. Individual volumes should also be of value to all interested in the particular species covered.

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Table of Contents

1: Introduction to controlled reproduction in cattle

2: The Cow oestrous cycle and associated events

3: Artificial control of oestrus and ovulation

4: Pregnancy testing in cattle

5: Control of calving

6: Controlling the calving interval

7: Embryo Transfer and Associated Techniques in Cattle

8: Induction of twin births in cattle

9: Breeding cattle at younger ages

10: Introduction to Controlled Reproduction in Buffaloes

11: CControl of Oestrus, Pregnancy Testing and Parturition Control in Buffaloes

12: Embryo Transfer and Associated Techniques in Buffaloes

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