Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations 9th Edition


Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations 9th Edition

Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, And Correlations 9Th Edition

By Michael L. Bishop, Edward P. Fody, Carleen Van Siclen and James March Mistler

Table of Contents

Part  1  Basic Principles and Practices in Clinical Chemistry

Chapter  1  Basic Principles and Practices of Clinical Chemistry

Chapter  2  Laboratory Safety and Regulations

Chapter  3  Quality Management in the Clinical Laboratory

Chapter  4  Analytic Techniques

Chapter  5  Clinical Chemistry Automation

Part  2  Analytic Procedures and Clinical Correlation

Chapter  6  Amino Acids and Proteins

Chapter  7  Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds

Chapter  8  Enzymes

Chapter  9  Carbohydrates

Chapter  10  Lipids and Lipoproteins

Chapter  11  Electrolytes

Chapter  12  Blood Gases, pH, and Buffer Systems

Part  3  Endocrinology and Clinical Correlation

Chapter  13  Basic Endocrinology

Chapter  14  Thyroid Function

Chapter  15  Hypothalamic and Pituitary Function

Chapter  16  Adrenal Function

Chapter  17  Gonadal Function

Chapter  18  Parathyroid Function

Part  4  Organ Systems and Clinical Correlation

Chapter  19  Liver Function

Chapter  20  Cardiac Function

Chapter  21  Renal Function

Chapter  22  Pancreatic Function

Chapter  23  Body Fluid Analysis

Chapter  24  Pregnancy and Prenatal Testing

Chapter  25  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Chapter  26  Toxicology

Chapter  27  Trace Elements, Toxic Elements, and Vitamins

Chapter  28  Tumor Markers

Chapter  29  Point-of-Care Testing

Chapter  30  Newborn and Pediatric Clinical Chemistry

Chapter  31  Geriatric Clinical Chemistry

Appendix  Glossary

Appendix  Index

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