Point-of-Care Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, 2nd Edition

This book offers a thorough revision and update to the first landmark book that presented a standardized approach to focused point-of-care ultrasound exams of the abdomen, thorax, musculoskeletal and eye in veterinary practice. Now incorporating new applications for focused ultrasound exams and additional species, this Second Edition continues to be a state-of-the-art reference for using abbreviated ultrasound exams in clinical practice. A companion website features supplementary video clips of these point-of-care techniques depicting actual ultrasound exams for comparison and comprehension.

New chapters in Point-of-Care Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Second Edition cover ultrasound-guided nerve blocks, musculoskeletal, brain imaging, and applications of focused ultrasound techniques in cats, exotics and marine mammals—making it an essential purchase for veterinarians wanting to incorporate point-of-care ultrasound techniques into their veterinary practices.

  • Presents a standardized approach to point-of-care ultrasound as an extension of the physical exam, including trauma, non-trauma, and monitoring applications
  • Includes coverage of new techniques for focused ultrasound exams, including lung, anesthesia and ultrasound guided nerve blocks, transcranial brain imaging, musculoskeletal, volume status evaluation, and rapid assessment for treatable forms of shock
  • Adds cats, exotic and wildlife mammals, and marine mammals to the existing canine coverage
  • Emphasizes the integration of point-of-care ultrasound techniques for optimizing patient care and accurate patient assessment
  • Offers access to a companion website with supplementary video clips showing many clinically relevant didactic examples

The second edition of Point-of-Care Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner is an excellent resource for veterinary practitioners, ranging from the general practitioner to nearly all clinical specialists, including internal medicine, oncology, cardiology, emergency and critical care, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, exotics, and zoo medicine specialists, and veterinary students.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

Foreword – Nilam Soni, MD

Preface – Gregory R. Lisciandro, DVM

Section 1: Ultrasound Basics

Chapter 1 POCUS: Introduction – Gregory R. Lisciandro, DVM

Chapter 2 POCUS: Basic Ultrasound Physics – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 3 POCUS: Basic Ultrasound Artifacts – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 4 POCUS: Basic Ultrasound Scanning – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 5: POCUS: Top Ultrasound Mistakes During Global FAST – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Section 2: The Abdomen

Chapter 6 POCUS: AFAST – Introduction and Image Acquisition – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 7 POCUS: AFAST – Clinical Integration – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 8 POCUS: Liver & Gallbladder – Stephanie Lisciandro, Jennifer Gambino, Sarah Young

Chapter 9 POCUS: Spleen – Stephanie Lisciandro, Sarah Young

Chapter 10 POCUS: Kidney – Stephanie Lisciandro, Sarah Young

Chapter 11 POCUS: Urinary Bladder – Stephanie Lisciandro, Sarah Young

Chapter 12 POCUS: Gastrointestinal Tract & Pancreas – Søren R. Boysen and Jennifer Gambino

Section 3: Reproductive and Pediatric

Chapter 13 POCUS: Reproductive – Imaging the Male – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 14 POCUS: Reproductive Female – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 15 POCUS: Dystocia – Robert M. Fulton

Chapter 16 POCUS: Pediatrics – Autumn P. Davidson and Tomas W. Baker

Section 4: The Thorax

Chapter 17 POCUS: TFAST – Introduction and Image Acquisition – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 18 POCUS: TFAST – Clinical Integration – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 19 POCUS: Heart – Introduction and Image Acquisition – Teresa DeFrancesco

Chapter 20 POCUS: Heart – Abnormalities of Valves, Myocardium and Great Vessels – Teresa DeFrancesco

Chapter 21 POCUS: Heart – Pericardial Effusion and Pericardiocentesis – Teresa DeFrancesco

Chapter 22 POCUS: Vet BLUE – Introduction and Image Acquisition – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 23 POCUS: Vet BLUE – Clinical Integration – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Section 5: Vascular

Chapter 24 POCUS: Central Venous and Arterial Catheterization – Scott Chamberlin

Chapter 25 POCUS: Vascular Veins and Arteries – Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 26 POCUS: Caudal Vena Cava – Kris Gommeren, Elodie Darnis, Anne-Christine Merveille

Section 6: Nervous System

Chapter 27 POCUS: Eye – Jane Cho

Chapter 28 POCUS: Brain – Image Acquisition – Cibele F. Carvalho

Chapter 29 POCUS: Brain – Clinical Integration – Cibele F. Carvalho

Chapter 30 POCUS: Nerve Blocks – Forelimb – Pablo E. Otero and Diego A. Portela

Chapter 31 POCUS: Nerve Blocks – Pelvic Limb – Pablo E. Otero and Diego A. Portela

Chapter 32 POCUS: Nerve Blocks – Trunk – Pablo E. Otero and Diego A. Portela

Chapter 33 POCUS: Nerve Blocks – Neuroaxial – Pablo E. Otero and Diego A. Portela

Section 7: Musculoskeletal

Chapter 34 POCUS: Musculoskeletal – Soft Tissue – Susanne M. Stieger-Vanegas

Chapter 35 POCUS: Musculoskeletal – Bones and Joints – Susanne M. Stieger-Vanegas

Section 8: Monitoring

Chapter 36 POCUS: Global FAST for Patient Monitoring and Staging – Gregory Lisciandro

Chapter 37 POCUS: Global FAST – Rapidly Detecting Treatable Forms of Shock, ALS and CPR – Gregory Lisciandro

Chapter 38 POCUS: VetFAST-ABCDE – Andrea Armenise

Section 9: Cats, Exotics, Marine Mammals

Chapter 39 POCUS: Feline Abdomen and Thorax Differences – Daniel Rodriguez, Gregory R. Lisciandro

Chapter 40 POCUS: Exotic Companion Mammals – Sara Gardhouse, Hugues Beaufrère

Chapter 41 POCUS: Marine Mammals – Gregory R. Lisciandro, Jennifer Gambino, Debra Moore, Enrique Yarto

Chapter 42 POCUS: Birds and Reptiles – Sara Gardhouse, Hugues Beaufrère

Section 10: Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Chapter 43 POCUS: Ultrasound-Guided Procedures – Søren R Boysen

Chapter 44 POCUS: Ultrasound-guided Lung and Thoracic Sampling – Daniel Rodriguez

Section 11: Program Management

Chapter 45 POCUS: Setting Up Successful POCUS and FAST Ultrasound Programs – Gregory R. Lisciandro


Appendix 1 – Quick References and Normal Values

Appendix II – Goal-Directed Templates

Appendix III – Abbreviations, Terms, Glossary

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