Cattle Medicine Responsible Use Course

Cattle Medicine Responsible Use Course PDF

By Joyce Van Donkersgoed, Rick Corbett

Cattle Medicine Responsible Use Course PDF was developed in 2005 as a joint venture between Alberta Beef Quality Starts Here and Alberta Milk and was made possible through financial support provided by Alberta Livestock Industry Development Fund.

This self-directed, home study, course provides producers with the basic medication/animal health information needed, as a pre-requisite foundation of knowledge, to enable the implementation of the standard operating procedures of the Verified Beef Production, on-farm food safety, program.

Cattle veterinarians can also use this course as an educational tool to ensure their clients use animal health products wisely. This will help veterinarians meet their legal obligations for a valid veterinary-client- patient relationship.

“The main reason we developed the manual was because there was a lack of basic cattle medicine information available for producers in one manual” states Dr Joyce Van Donkersgoed, co-author of the Cattle Medicine – Responsible Use Course. “As well, from a production perspective, understanding how to use animal medicines properly will ensure that producers don’t waste money on use of inappropriate drugs, and to maximize therapeutic responses.”

Table of Contents

How to Use This Course

Module 1 Health and Proper Care of Cattle

Module 2 General Drug Information

Module 3 Federal and Provincial Legislation

Module 4 Roles and Responsibilities

Module 5 Pharmaceutical Activities

Module 6 Prudent Drug Use

Module 7 Antimicrobials

Module 8 Injection Techniques

Module 9 Drug Sites, Feed Medications, Implanting

Module 10 Prescriptions

Module 11 Handling of Drugs

Module 12 On-Farm Food Safety Programs

Module 13 Disposal of Biomedical Waste and Carcasses



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