Canine and Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide 3rd edition

Canine and Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide PDF

By Rose E. Raskin and Denny J. Meyer

Canine and Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide PDF. Master the art and science of specimen collection, preparation, and evaluation with Canine & Feline Cytology: A Color Atlas and Interpretation Guide, Second Edition. This easy-to-use guide covers all body systems and fluids including a special chapter on acquisition and management of cytology specimens. Hundreds of vivid color images of normal tissue alongside abnormal tissue images – plus concise summaries of individual lesions and guidelines for interpretation – will enhance your ability to confidently face any diagnostic challenge.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all body systems and body fluids — and the pathological changes associated with various infectious agents — emphasizes areas in which the application of cytology has the greatest diagnostic value.
  • Exceptional-quality, full-color photomicrographs show both normal and abnormal tissueand also include detailed legends.
  • Discussions of clinical, differential, and cytological diagnosis accompany the illustrations of lesions and conditions in each chapter.
  • Helpful hints for improving specimen quality are provided in discussions of common errors and problems encountered in the preparation of cytological specimens.
  • Coverage of histology in organ system chapters demonstrates the histological or histopathologic corollary of cytologic findings.
  • Clear, concise descriptions include sampling techniques, slide preparation and examination, and guidelines for interpretation, leading to accurate in-house and commercial laboratory diagnosis.
  • Easy-to-use, well-organized format includes many tables, algorithms, boxes, and Key Point callouts for at-a-glance reference.
Table of Contents

1. The Acquisition and Management of Cytology Specimens

2. General Categories of Cytologic Interpretation

3. Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues

4. Lymphoid System

5. Respiratory Tract

6. Body Cavity Fluids

7. Oral Cavity, Gastrointestinal Tract, and Associated Structures

8. Dry-Mount Fecal Cytology

9. The Liver

10. Urinary Tract

11. Microscopic Examination of the Urinary Sediment

12. Reproductive System

13. Musculoskeletal System

14. The Central Nervous System

15. Eye and Adnexa

16. Endocrine System

17. Advanced Diagnostic Techniques

Appendix: Reference Values and Key Characteristics

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