Avian Viruses, Function and Control

Avian Viruses Function and Control PDF

By Branson W. Ritchie

Avian Viruses Function and Control PDF provides a basis for understanding t nature of viruses and how they are capable of causing disease, as well as giving the general methods used to diagnose these infections. Written for veterinarians, aviculturists, companion bird enthusiasts, ornithologists, zoological personnel and wildlife management officials, it provides the readers with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-access overview of the viruses that infect companion, aviary and free-ranging birds.

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Table of Contents
1 An Overview of Viruses:
2 Infection and Disease
3 Viral Attack and Avian Response
4 Diagnosing Viral Infections
5 Preventing Viral Infections: A clean environment
6 Papovaviridae
7 Herpesviridae
8 Circoviridae
9 Paramyxoviridae
10 Poxviridae: Clinical features
11 Adenoviridae
12 Reoviridae
13 Orthomyxoviridae
14 Retroviridae
15 Togaviridae
16 Other Avian Viruses: Coronaviridae
17 Proventricular Dilatation Disease

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