Atlas of Equine Endoscopy


Atlas of Equine Endoscopy

Atlas Of Equine Endoscopy Pdf By Nathan M. Slovis

By Nathan M. Slovis

Atlas of Equine Endoscopy PDF is a practical reference guide to minimally invasive equine endoscopy of various organ systems. Because endoscopy is now widely used by equine practitioners, this atlas focuses less on basic principles and more on its use as a diagnostic tool. Coverage includes both normal and abnormal findings, with more than 575 high-definition images, captured by digital camera. Each procedure is discussed consistently, addressing relevant normal anatomy followed by categories of disorders such as neoplasia, inflammation, and abscesses.

  • State-of-the-art full-color digital images.
  • Illustrated reference of both the normal and abnormal examination findings in each organ system.
  • Distant and close-up views of the anatomy are provided where applicable; this helps identify normal anatomy and anatomical variations.
  • The order of the photographs in each body system reflects the order in which the endoscopic examination is performed.
  • Several different images of the same disorder are provided so the reader can appreciate the different presentations of identical disorders.
  • Contributors are board-certified experts from all equine veterinary specialties.
  • Covers endoscopic equipment, providing valuable comparative information on instruments and video equipment.

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Table of Contents

Part One Instrumentation and Documentation

1. Endoscopic instrumentation

2. Endoscopic documentation

Part Two The Art of Endoscopy

3. Rhinoscopy

4. Pharyngoscopy and laryngoscopy

5. Endoscopic examination of the guttural pouches

6. Tracheobronchoscopy

7. Esophagoscopy

8. Gastroscopy and duodenoscopy

9. Cystoscopy

10. Mare reproductive tract

11. Stallion reproductive tract

12. Proctoscopy

13. Treadmill pharyngoscopy and laryngoscopy

14. Miscellaneous endoscopic procedures

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