Applied Veterinary Histology 3rd Edition

applied veterinary histology pdf

By William J. Banks

Applied Veterinary Histology 3rd Edition PDF. It’s a textbook of general histology of domestic mammalian species (dog, cat, horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig) with special sections on birds. Each organ system is dealt with in turn following basic cell descriptions. There is an emphasis on functional descriptions (Tell why a cell works the way it does in terms of the whole organism) and basic embryologic descriptions. This book contains eight pages of color showing cell structure and differentiation. The applied integrated approach should help students relate structure to function and cellular activity to medical problems in animals. Chapters on general principles of cell structure are followed by organ system chapters detailing the structure and function of specific cells within the system.

Table of Contents


1- Insights into histology

3- Methods of Histology

4- Microscopy and Interpretation


4-Cells Structure and Function


5- Epithelia

6- Extracellular Matrix

7- Proper Connective Tissues and Adipose Tissue

8- Supportive Tissue – Cartilage

9- Supportive Tissues – Bone

10- Osteogenesis

11- Blood

12- Hematopoiesis

13- Muscle Tissue

14- Nervous Tissue


15- Organization of Organs

16- Musculoskeletal System

17- Nervous System

18- Cardiovascular System

19- Lymphatic System and Immunity

20- lntegumentary System

21- Digestive System I-Alimentary Canal

22- Digestive System II-Extramural Organs

23- Urinary System

24- Respiratory System

25- Endocrine System

26- Male Reproductive System,

27- Female Reproductive System,

applied veterinary histology pdf is Designed to be useful to both student and veterinary practitioner, Small Animal Cardiology is the ideal supplement manual to the in-depth internal medicine texts required in classes. It reinforces key concepts and serves as a handy reference guide in the clinical setting. Part of the Practical Veterinarian series, this helpful tool provides fast answers to common questions in an outline format and cuts quickly to the heart of vital subject matter.

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