Animal Disease Surveillance and Survey Systems Methods and Applications

This valuable text presents methods and techniques for conducting an animal disease surveillance program, and developing an animal health moitoring system. The text is a ‘recipe book’ for these techniques as it explains modern techniques, while emphasizing the fundamentals and principles of using these techniques.The book is targeted to epidemiologists and other animal health authorities who are working in national, regional, and international programs. The book can be used as a text for professional and postgraduate training curricula.

This text will be of value in veterinary epidemiology and regulatory medicine, where there is need for a concise collection of material on animal disease monitoring, surveillance, and reporting strategies. This need arises from a new era of international trade regulations based on animal diseases, new demands for accountability in utilization of research funds, and calls for prioritizing and economically justifying animal health regulatory and diagnostic activities.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Surveillance and Monitoring Systems for Animal Health Program and Disease Suveys (M.D. Salman).

Chapter 2. Application of Surveillance and Monitoring Systems in Disease Control Programs (J. Christensen).

Chapter 3. Planning Survey, Surveillance, and Monitoring Systems-Roles and Requirements (C. Zepeda and M.D. Salman).

Chapter 4. Sampling Considerations in Surveys and Monitoring and Surveillance Systems (A. Cameron, I. Gardner, M.G. Doherr, and B. Wagner).

Chapter 5. Statistical Analysis of Data from Surveys, Monitoring, and Surveillance Systems (B. Wagner, I. Gardner, A. Cameron, and M.G. Doherr).

Chapter 6. Methods for Determining Temporal Clusters in Surveillance and Survey Programs (T.E. Carpenter and M.P. Ward).

Chapter 7. Methods for Determining Spartial Clusters in Surveillance and Survey Programs (T.E. Carpenter and M.P. Ward).

Chapter 8. Use of Sentinel Herds in Monitoring and Surveillance Systems (B.J. McCluskey).

Chapter 9. Use of Animal Monitoring and Surveillance Systems When the Frequency of Health-Related Events is Near Zero (M.G. Doherr, L. Audigé, M.D. Salman, and I.A. Gardner).

Chapter 10. Use of Simulation Models in Surveillance and Monitoring Systems (L. Audigé, M.G. Doherr, and B. Wagner).

Chapter 11. Quality Assessment of Animal Disease Surveillance and Survey Systems (K.D.C. Stärk).

Chapter 12. Dissemination of Surveillance Findings (N.E. Wineland and D.A. Dargatz).

Chapter 13. Danish Swine Salmonellosis Control Program: 1993 to 2001 (J. Christensen).


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