Animal Agriculture: Sustainability, Challenges and Innovations

Animal Agriculture: Sustainability, Challenges and Innovations

By Fuller W. Bazer , G. Cliff Lamb , Guoyao Wu

Animal Agriculture: Sustainability, Challenges and Innovations PDF discusses the land-based production of high-quality protein by livestock and poultry and how it plays an important role in improving human nutrition, growth and health. With exponential growth of the global population and marked rises in meat consumption per capita, demands for animal-source protein are expected to increase 72% between 2013 and 2050. This raises concerns about the sustainability and environmental impacts of animal agriculture. An attractive solution to meeting increasing needs for animal products and mitigating undesirable effects of agricultural practices is to enhance the efficiency of animal growth, reproduction, and lactation.

Currently, there is no resource that offers specific knowledge of both animal science and technology, including biotechnology for the sustainability of animal agriculture for the expanding global demand of food in the face of diminishing resources. This book fills that gap, giving readers all the necessary information on important issues facing modern animal agriculture, namely its sustainability, challenges and innovative solutions.

  • Integrates new knowledge in animal breeding, biotechnology, nutrition, reproduction and management
  • Addresses the urgent issue of sustainability in modern animal agriculture
  • Provides practical solutions on how to solve the current and future problems that face animal agriculture worldwide
Table of Contents

1. Introduction: significance, challenges and strategies of animal production
I: Beef cattle production:

2. Genetics and breeding of beef cattle

3. Physiology and pregnancy of beef cattle

4. Reproductive management of beef cattle

5. Nutrition, feeding and management of beef cattle in intensive and extensive production systems

II: Lactation and management of dairy cattle

6. Genetics and genomics of dairy cattle

7. Physiology of lactation in dairy cattle : challenges to sustainable production

8. Reproductive management of dairy cattle

9. Nutrition and feeding of dairy cattle

III: Sheep and goat production:

10. Genetics and breeding of sheep and goats

11. Reproductive physiology of sheep (Ovis aries) and goats (Capra aegagrus hircus)

12. Reproductive management of sheep and goats

13. Sustainable sheep and goat production through strategic nutritional management and advanced technologies

IV: Swine production:

14. Modern genetic and genomic improvement of the pig

15. Reproductive physiology of swine

16. Reproductive management of swine

17. Nutrition and feeding of swine

V: Poultry production: 18. Poultry genetics and breeding

19. Reproductive physiology of poultry

20. Reproductive management of poultry

21. Precision poultry nutrition and feed formulation

VI: Biotechnologies and others in animal production:

22. Muscle biology and meat quality : challenges, innovations, and sustainability

23. Genetic imporvement of livestock, from conventional breeding to biotechnological approaches

24. Fermentation techniques in feed production

25. Mathematical modeling in animal production

26. Manure treatment and utilization in production systems

VII: Management of animal diseases in livestock and poultry production:

27. Management of metabolic disorders (including metabolic diseases) in ruminiant and nonruminant animals

28. Management of pathogens in cattle

29. Management of pathogens in swine

30. Management of pathogens in poultry

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