Adenosine in the Nervous System - T. W. Stone

By T. W. Stone

Adenosine in the Nervous System Book PDF. Stone. This volume in a series on neuroscience provides an overview of the last 20 years of research into the biochemistry, physiology,pharmacology and clinical therapeutic potential of adenosine and its analogues in the nervous system. Among the topics covered are adenosine transport in nervous systemtissues, adenosine production and metabolism and the electropharmacology of adenosine.


Table of Contents

Adenosine in the Nervous System Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Adenosine Transport in Nervous System Tissues

Chapter 2 – Adenosine Production and Metabolism

Chapter 3 – Atp Receptors and Their Physiological Roles

Chapter 4 – Adenosine Receptor Subtypes: Classification and Distribution

Chapter 5 – The Adenosine Receptor Molecule

Chapter 6 – Post-receptor Mechanisms

Chapter 7 – Adenosine Receptor Agonists and Antagonists

Chapter 8 – Release of Adenosine and Atp From Nervous Tissue

Chapter 9 – Electropharmacology of Adenosine

Chapter 10 – Potential Therapeutic Roles for Adenosine in Neurologic Disease

Chapter 11 – Adenosine and the Central Nervous System Control Of

Chapter 12 – Purine Metabolic Disorders and Neurological Dysfunction


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