A Dissection Guide and Atlas to the Fetal Pig 3rd Edition

By David G. Smith and Michael P. Schenk

A Dissection Guide and Atlas to the Fetal Pig PDF is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the anatomy of the fetal pig. This full-color dissection guide and atlas gives the student carefully worded directions for learning basic mammalian anatomy through the use of a fetal pig specimen. Great care has gone into the preparation of accurate and informative illustrations and the presentation of quality color photographs and photomicrographs. The text is clearly written, and dissection instructions are set apart from the text to assist the student in the lab. Each chapter begins with a list of objectives, and tables are utilized to conveniently summarize key information. To facilitate ease of use in the laboratory setting, student versions of this title are three-hole drilled and in loose-leaf format.

Table of Contents


Basic Dissection Techniques

Body Planes and Regions

Chapter 1: External Anatomy

Laboratory Objectives

General External Features

Female External Features

Male External Features

Chapter 2: Skeletal System

Laboratory Objectives

Types of Joints

Axial Skeleton

The Skull

Vertebral Column

Appendicular Skeleton

Pectoral Girdle and Forelimbs

Pelvic Girdle and Hindlimbs

Chapter 3: Muscular System

Laboratory Objectives

Head and Neck

Superficial Musculature

Deep Musculature

Head, Thoracic Region, and Forelimb

Superficial Lateral Musculature

Superficial Medial Musculature

Deep Medial Musculature

The Abdomen

Pelvic Region and Hindlimb

Superficial Lateral Musculature

Superficial Medial Musculature

Deep Medial Musculature

Deep Lateral Musculature

Chapter 4: Digestive System

Laboratory Objectives

Head, Neck, and Oral Cavity

Abdominal Cavity

Chapter 5: Circulatory System

Laboratory Objectives

Thoracic Cavity and Neck Region

The Heart: External Anatomy

Fetal vs. Adult Circulation

Veins of the Thoracic Region

Arteries of the Thoracic Region

The Heart: Internal Anatomy

Abdominal Cavity

Hepatic Portal System

Arteries and Veins of the Abdominal Region

Umbilical Cord

The Spleen

The Sheep Heart

Chapter 6: Respiratory System

Laboratory Objectives

The Thoracic Cavity

The Oral Cavity

Chapter 7: Reproductive and Excretory Systems

Laboratory Objectives

Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

Pregnant Female Reproductive System

Excretory System

Chapter 8: Nervous System

Laboratory Objectives

The Brain

Dorsal Surface

Ventral Surface

Cranial Nerves

The Mammalian Eye

External Anatomy

Internal Anatomy

Chapter 9: Endocrine System

Laboratory Objectives

Cranial and Thoracic Region

Pituitary Gland

Thyroid Gland and Thymus

Abdominal Region


Adrenal Glands

Testes and Ovaries




This Colour Atlas is the first publication of its kind dealing with diseases of pigs. The emphasis is on the more serious and common conditions, although there are single illustrations of some less common diseases. The main aim of the authors was to produce a book in which the illustrations, together with reference to a standard text book, would help in diagnosis. It is aimed at veterinarians and veterinary students, as well as pig farmers, stockmen, meat inspectors, etc. The chapters are as follows: abnormalities, hereditary and developmental; nutritional disorders; management-related disorders; trauma; parasitic diseases; fungal diseases; bacterial diseases; viral diseases; complex aetiology; behavioural problems and vices. There is a subject index.

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