Zoonotic Viruses in Northern Eurasia

Zoonotic Viruses in Northern Eurasia pdf

By Dimitry Lvov, Mikhail Shchelkanov, Sergey Alkhovsky and Petr Deryabin

Zoonotic Viruses of Northern Eurasia: Taxonomy and Ecology Book PDF provides a review of modern data of the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of zoonotic viruses in the ecosystems of Northern Eurasia. With climate changes, increasing population density of arthropod vectors and vertebrate hosts, development of unused lands, transferences of viruses by birds, bats, infected humans, and animals, vectors allow virus populations to adapt to the new environment. This leads to the appearance of emerging or re-emerging infections.

This book presents data about circulation and evolution of influenza viruses, tick-borne encephalitis virus, West Nile virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, hantaviruses, Sindbis virus, California encephalitis group viruses and other pathogenic viruses as well as of novel viruses classified for the first time using next-generation sequence.

  • Features summarized data about the circulation of approximately 80 viruses isolated in natural foci of Northern Eurasia
  • Provides descriptions of the main ecosystems of Northern Eurasia in the context of the ecology of viruses with environmental factors
  • Delineates the potential impact of climate change for the distribution of viruses
  • Includes virus taxonomy, ecology, distribution and pathogenicity for humans and animals

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Table of Contents

Section I: History and Methodology

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Development of Virology: The History of Emerging Viruses


Chapter 3. Ecological Approach to Investigating Zoonotic Viruses

3.1 General Concepts

3.2 Vertebrate Hosts


Chapter 4. Methods

4.1 Ecologo-Virological Monitoring of Northern Eurasia Territories

4.2 Long-Time Storage of Isolated Strains

4.3 Next-Generation Sequencing


Section II: Zoonotic Viruses of Northern Eurasia

Chapter 5. Order Mononegavirales

5.1 Family Paramyxoviridae

5.2 Family Rhabdoviridae


Chapter 6. Order Picornavirales

6.1 Family Picornaviridae


Chapter 7. Double-Stranded RNA Viruses

7.1 Family Birnaviridae

7.2 Family Reoviridae


Chapter 8. Single-Stranded RNA Viruses

8.1 Family Bunyaviridae

8.2 Family Flaviviridae

8.3 Family Orthomyxoviridae

8.4 Family Togaviridae


Chapter 9. Double-Stranded DNA Viruses

9.1 Family Asfarviridae


Chapter 10. Prions



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