Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry

Zoo And Wild Animal Dentistry

By Peter P. Emily and Edward R. Eisner

Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry PDF is the first book to offer a comprehensive reference to oral pathology and dental therapy in captive and wild exotic animals. Comprehensive in scope, the book is authored by noted experts on the topic who cover dental care for a broad range of species with an emphasis on oral health. Designed as a practical resource for treating exotic animals, the book is filled with instructive photographs and illustrations that clearly depict pathologies and demonstrate techniques.

The book draws on the editors’ and contributors’ years of experience with exotic animals to offer a reliable resource to the history of veterinary dentistry, information on the evolution of teeth, practical dental therapeutics, and oral descriptions for each of the more than three hundred species included in the book.  Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry covers a wide range of zoo and wild species, including cats, bears, primates, dogs, raccoons, weasels, hyenas, marsupials, herbivores, edentates, sea mammals, birds, reptiles, and more. This important resource:

  • Offers a comprehensive reference to oral pathology and dental therapy in captive and wild animals
  • Highlights oral health to promote overall health
  • Includes information on the most recent advances in the field
  • Contains a groundbreaking resource for the dental care of exotic animals

Written for zoo and wildlife caretakers and veterinarians, veterinary dentists, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students, Zoo and Wild Animal Dentistry is a practical resource that has information for the dental care of a wide range of animal species that are all too often neglected.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors xi

Foreword xiii

About Peter Emily xv

Acknowledgements xvii

Introduction xix

Part I A History of Veterinary Dentistry and of Teeth, and Dental Therapy of Wild Animals 1

1 History of Veterinary Dentistry, Including Development of Oral and Dental Treatment of Wild and Zoo, Safari Park and Refuge Animals 3
Colin E. Harvey

2 Odontology: A History of Teeth 7
Peter P. Emily

3 Special Considerations Regarding Equipment and Instruments 11

4 Dental Form and Function as it Relates to Dental Therapy of Wild Animals 19

5 Carnivore Dental Therapy 29

5A Conventional (Standard/Normograde) Endodontics Overview 29

5B Surgical Endodontics 39

5C Periodontics 43

5D Caries and Endodontic Access Preparation and Restoration 44

5E Combined Endodontic-Periodontal Therapy 45

5F Oral Surgery 48

6 Herbivore Endodontic Therapy 59

6A Standard and Surgical Endodontics 59

7 Marsupial and Herbivore Abscesses 63

8 Elephant Dentistry 65

8A Tusk Therapy for Hog, Walrus, Elephant and Hippopotamus 66

8B Practical Elephant Dentistry 69
Gerhard Steenkamp

9 Primate Dentistry 79

9A Endodontics 79

9B Caries and Restorative Dentistry 82

9C Periodontal Disease 86

10 Avian Fractured and Maloccluded Beaks 87

10A Beak Fracture Repair: Materials and Methods 88

10B Orthobeakics 92

10C Beak Repair for Amphibians 97

10D Beakistry: Orthognathic Corrections and Surgical Repair of Avian Beaks 99
Roberto S. Fecchio

11 Marine Mammal Dentistry 119
Steven E. Holmstrom

12 Practical Anesthesia for Captive Wild Animals 131
Felicia Knightly

Part II Pertinent Dental Information, of 352 Species most often treated in Sanctuaries and Zoos 139

13 Carnivores: Families: Felid, Bear, Canid, Racoon, Weasel, Civet, Hyena 141

13A Big Cats 143

13B Small Cats 151

14 The Bear Family 155

14A Big Bears 155

14B Small Bears 159

15 The Primates 161

15A Lower Primates: Prosimians: Prosimii – Long Face, Prominent Whiskers, Slightly Sideways-Looking Eyes, Nocturnal 162

15B Higher Primates 166

16 Tree Shrews 177

17 The Dog Family 179

18 The Racoon Family 185

19 The Weasel Family: Weasels and Polecats 189

20 The Mongoose Family: Viverridae Civets and Genets Binturong 195

21 The Hyena Family: Strictly Carnivores 199

22 Marsupials 201

23 Larg Herbivores: The Ungulates 209

23A Primitive Ungulates 209

23B The Hoofed Mammals 213

24 Small Herbivores: Rodents 245

24A Squirrel-Like Rodents 245

24B Mouse-Like Rodents 250

24C Cavy-Like Rodents 255

24D Other Cavy-Like Rodents 258

24E Old World Porcupines 259

25 Lagomorphs 261

26 Elephant-Shrew 265

27 Insectivores 267

28 Edentates 271

29 Bats 275

30 Monotremes 277

31 Marine Mammals 279

31A Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins 279

31B Seals and Sea Lions 283

31C Sea Cows and Manatees 287

32 Amphibians 289

33 Reptiles 291

34 Avian 295

34A Birds of Prey 295

34B Scavangers 298

34C Psittacine Birds 301

34D Ground-nesting Birds and Shorebirds 303

34E Aquatic Birds 308

Appendix I Taxonomy 315

Appendix II Types of Dentition 317

Appendix III Dental Formulas 319

Appendix IV Feeding Adaptations 333

Glossary of Dental Terms 335

Further Reading 339

Index 341

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