Veterinary Periodontology

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Veterinary Periodontology is a comprehensive yet user-friendly reference on periodontal disease in dogs and cats, encompassing etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical features. Emphasizing clinical management of this common dental disease, this book covers basic as well as advanced treatments, offering practical instruction on therapeutic procedures. Veterinary Periodontology builds on existing human-based knowledge to provide veterinary-specific information on the periodontal disease process, therapies, patient management, and instrumentation.

The book presents detailed information in an accessible format, including numerous step-by-step procedures for use in the clinic. Full-color images aid in comprehension.  Veterinary Periodontology is beneficial for anyone who practices veterinary dentistry, including specialists, general practitioners, students, and technicians.

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About The Author
Table of Contents

Contributors vi

Reviewers vii

Preface viii

Section 1 Understanding the disease process 1

1 The structure and function of the periodontium 3
Kevin Stepaniuk and James E. Hinrichs

2 Etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal disease 18

3 Bacteriology of periodontal disease 35
Colin E. Harvey

Section 2 The progression of disease 39

4 Gingivitis 41

5 Periodontitis 51

6 Local and regional consequences of periodontal disease 69

7 Systemic manifestations of periodontal disease 81

8 Unusual forms of periodontal disease 91

Section 3 Initial therapy of periodontal disease 105

9 Dental radiology for periodontal disease 107
Jerzy Gawor

10 The complete dental cleaning 129

11 Advanced non-surgical therapy 154

12 Local antibiotic usage 170

13 Home plaque control 175

14 Antibiotics in periodontal disease 186
R. Michael Peak

Section 4 Periodontal surgical techniques 191

15 Gingival surgery 193

16 Periodontal flap surgery 206

17 Treatment of the exposed root surface 249

18 Osseous surgery and guided tissue regeneration 254
Brook A. Niemiec and Robert Furman

19 Furcation involvement and treatment 289
Paul Theuns

Section 5 Related topics 297

20 Host modulation therapies 299

21 Patient management for periodontal therapy 305
Brett Beckman

Section 6 Periodontal instrumentation 313

22 Periodontal hand instruments 315

23 Mechanical scalers 324

24 Other power equipment used in periodontology 330


1 AVDC-Approved abbreviations 334

2 Dental charts 340

3 Sharpening 343

4 Resources 346

5 Plaque and calculus indices 348

Index 349

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