Equine Dentistry 3rd Edition

Equine Dentistry 3rd Edition

By Jack Easley, Padraic M. Dixon and James Schumacher

Equine Dentistry 3rd Edition PDF is A compilation of a wide range of topics discussed by world-renowned experts in the field of equine dentistry.

The new edition of this popular resource represents a total revision of previous content and provides the reader with state-of-the-art knowledge of the field. Comprehensive and definitive, Equine Dentistry third edition retains the successful approach of extensive illustration and step-by-step guidance through oral and dental procedures. In addition, it includes many new figures, expanded text sections in key areas and brings to the team two new editors of international repute. Many new contributions from international experts are combined in this text to promote not only the care of horses in regards to oral and dental health but also the education of veterinary professionals in this rapidly developing area.

Table of Contents

Front Matter



Preface and Acknowledgments

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Morphology

Section 3: Dental disease and pathology

Section 4: Diagnosis

Section 5: Treatment

Appendix – Equine dental equipment and instrument suppliers



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