Atlas of Dentistry in Cats and Dogs

Atlas of Dentistry in Cats and Dogs PDF Download

By Markus Eickhoff

Atlas of Dentistry in Cats and Dogs PDF. Dentistry at its finest. As a veterinarian and dentist in one, Dr. Markus Eickhoff has practiced high-level canine and feline dentistry for over 20 years. He now shares his fund of experience in this book with over 1500 images.

What equipment do I need? What treatment options are available and how do I perform them? This book provides detailed, systematic and generously illustrated instructions.

Over 1500 illustrations present details of many fascinating cases, allowing the practitioner to follow procedures in detail. The myriad practical tips and step-by-step instructions for performing common dental procedures provide security when performing dental treatment on small animals. Supported by the images, Dr. Eickhoff introduces the practitioner to commonly performed procedures such as the extraction of root fragments or the placement of fillings.

The focus on dogs and cats allows not only conventional treatment options but also less common ones to be presented in detail. Benefit from the latest insights for treating exceptional cases such as cleft palate or dental ankylosis.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Fundamentals

1 Patient History

2 Examining the Head and Oral Cavity

3 Interpreting Clinical Signs

4 Treatment Aspects

Part 2 Recurring Procedures

5 Dental Prophylaxis

6 Tooth Extraction

7 Retrieving Root Fragments

8 Composite Fillings

9 Vital Pulpotomy

10 Crown Amputation

11 Root Canal Fillings

12 Apicoectomy

13 Attaching Brackets

14 Plate/Bite Plate

Part 3 Case Studies

15 Young Animals

16 Teeth

17 Periodontium

18 Oral Mucosa

19 Oral Masses

20 Jawbone

Part 4 Appendix

21 Selected References

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