Veterinary Clinical Pathology, An Introduction

Unique among current literature as a rich source of clinical case material, this book can be used by veterinary students as a reader-friendly introduction to the subject and as the primary textbook in clinical pathology coursework. With its multitude of cases and images, the book is also a useful resource for faculty members to enhance instruction.

Veterinary Clinical Pathology: An Introduction aims to provide the veterinary student with a clear, concise overview of basic mechanisms without being overwhelming. Clinical cases enhance the learning experience. Having evolved from the reading assignments for veterinary medical courses in clinical pathology, this text aids in providing students with a sound knowledge base with which to work.

  • Reader-friendly textbook
  • Features innovative case-based approach
  • Provides clear and concise overview of basic mechanisms
  • Practical text for veterinary students, instructors and clinicians alike

Students, instructors, and veterinary clinicians seeking a concise, practical handbook will find Veterinary Clinical Pathology: An Introduction invaluable.

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