Top 100 Questions and Answers about Fleas and Pets


Top 100 Questions and Answers about Fleas and Pets

Top 100 Questions And Answers About Fleas And Pets

By Hany Elsheikha, Ian Wright and Michael Dryden

If a pet has a flea problem, you’re probably trying to solve it. Unfortunately, flea infestations are very difficult to eliminate!

Thankfully, we now know more about the biology and treatment of fleas than ever before, which has led to safe, effective, and affordable treatments, both on pets and in the home environment. This book provides an easy introduction to fleas for pet owners and the veterinary professionals advising them, to help effectively prevent, control and treat infestations. Detailing the most effective treatment and prevention options, the book:

Provides accessible and easy to understand information as commonly asked questions and answers.
Describes the changes in animal and human health when flea infestations occur.
Includes practical advice pitched at a level for both owners and veterinary nurses.

Top 100 Question and Answers About Fleas covers all the important facts you need to know about fleas in an easy question and answer format. Informative and interesting, it is an invaluable aid in your quest to provide the best quality of life to beloved pets.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

-: Preface

1: Basics of Fleas

2: Fleas and Pets

3: Fleas and People

4: Sorting Out Flea Problems

-: Take Home Message

-: Bibliography

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