Herbs for Pets, the Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life, 2nd Edition

Herbs for Pets, the Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet’s Life, 2nd Edition pdf

By Mary L. Wulff and Greg L. Tilford

This book is your go-to resource for helping your pet with natural remedies!

Herbs for Pets, written by herbalists and holistic experts Gregory L. Tilford and Mary L. Wulff, is the bible for all pet owners looking to enhance their companion animals’ lives through natural therapies. Now in its second revised edition, Herbs for Pets is an indispensable resource for anyone who owns or cares for companion animals, providing an exhaustive compendium of medicinal plants and natural remedies.

Remedies found in this book are applicable to dogs and cats, as well as birds, small mammals, and even farm animals; each remedy specifies which animals can benefit. The book is organized into three chapters, with the first dedicated to the “Principles and Practices of Herbalism,” discussing the many facets of herbs, concerns about toxicity, basic herbal preparation, the ethical use of herbs, the connection between herbs and diet, and using herbs as dietary supplements.

The second section of the book, titled “Materia Medica: An A-Z Guide to Herbs for Animals,” exhaustive at over 160 pages, presents color photographs and text about the appearance, habitat and range, cycle and bloom season, parts used, primary medicinal activities, strongest affinities, common uses, availability, propagation and harvest, alternatives and adjuncts, and cautions and comments for 65 different herbs (from alfalfa to yucca), and 45 supplemental herbs (from ashwaganda to witch hazel). The common uses section is extensive for each herb, discussing the nutrient value, various qualities, and ways in which the herb is used for specific treatments.

The third and final chapter of the book is titled “An Herbal Repertory for Animals: Ailments and Treatments” and details remedies for anxiety, nervousness, and behavioral problems; arthritis and hip dysplasia; cancer; cardiovascular problems; digestive system problems; ear problems; elderly animal care; endocrine system and related problems; epilepsy, convulsions, and seizures; eye problems; first aid, immune system care; mouth and nose problems; parasite-related problems; pregnancy and lactation; skin problems; and urinary problems. The authors share over two dozen herbal remedies for various ailments, from asthma and pneumonia to constipation and eye cleaner. A glossary of over 200 terms is included, as are references and a comprehensive index.

Written by two of the world’s most respected herbalists, the second edition of this exhaustive compendium offers the latest scientific information as well as traditional, historical, and philosophical perspectives on hundreds of medicinal plants and natural therapies. Here you will find an illustrated tour through the herbs—including Western, ayurvedic, and Chinese—that grow in North America, their holistic applications and contraindications, and alternative approaches to treating a wide range of ailments. You will also learn to identify and grow a variety of herbs for yourself.

Priceless for the health of your pet and the environment, Herbs for Pets will prove a valuable reference time and again!

  • A-Z guide to 110 herbs for animals, from aloe and bee balm to willow and yarrow
  • Recipes for teas, tinctures, tonics, poultices, skin rinses, decoctions, salves, ointments, and more
  • Natural therapies to support parasite prevention, nutrition, anxiety, behavior issues, health issues, and senior care
  • Address common ailments like digestive upset, fleas, urinary health, ear problems, skin issues, and more—naturally

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 6
Introduction 8
Chapter 1
Principles and Practices of Herbalism 15
Using Herbs Naturally 15
The Many Faces of Herbal Medicine 18
A Few Words About Toxicity 27
When to Take Your Pet to the Vet 27
Basics of Herbal Preparations 30
The Connection between Herbs and Diet 37
Using Nutritive Herbs as Dietary Supplements 39
The Ethical Use of Herbs 39
Chapter 2
Materia Medica: An A–Z Guide to Herbs for
Animals 47
Supplemental Herb List 202
Chapter 3
An Herbal Repertory for Animals: Ailments and
Treatments 213
Anxiety, Nervousness, and Behavioral Problems 213

Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia 217
Cancer 222
Cardiovascular Problems 227
Digestive System Problems 229
Ear Problems 237
Elderly Animal Care 237
Endocrine System and Related Problems 240
Epilepsy, Convulsions, and Seizures 245
Eye Problems 246
First Aid 249
Immune System Care 258
Mouth and Nose Problems 262
Parasite-Related Problems: How to Live with Fleas,
Worms, Mites, and Other Things That Suck 264
Pregnancy and Lactation 276
Respiratory Problems 278
Skin Problems 282
Urinary Problems 294
Glossary 302
References 309
Index 320

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