The Veterinary Care of the Horse 3rd Edition

The Veterinary Care Of The Horse 3Rd Edition Pdf

By Sue Devereux

The Veterinary Care of the Horse 3rd Edition PDF. Since the second edition was published in 2006 much has changed in equine veterinary medicine and surgery. Our understanding of diseases that affect horses continues to increase and with this knowledge comes the opportunity to improve our management and treatment of both familiar and newly recognized conditions.

The aim of this book is to bring the reader up-to-date with these developments while still presenting the information in the easy-to-read format that was popular with the first two editions.

For ease of reference, each condition is explained under headings which include the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis.

It is appreciated that it is not always easy to remember every detail of the vet’s instructions when coping with a sick or injured horse. For this reason, recommendations regarding everyday procedures such as cleaning a wound, poulticing and bandaging are laid out in a step-by-step format.

Subjects such as the prepurchase examination, choosing horse insurance and the use of medication in the competition horse are covered in some depth together with complementary therapies and the veterinary care of the donkey.

Throughout the book, the text is accompanied by informative line drawings and numerous photographs. The Veterinary Care of the Horse is an essential book for everyone concerned with the care and management of horses.

Table of Contents

The Healthy Horse

Preventive Medicine

The Ill or injured Horse

Examination of the Lame or Poor Performance Horse

Diagnostic Procedures and Imaging Techniques

Conditions of the Horse’s Foot

Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Joint Injury and Disease

Synovial Effusions

Conditions Affecting Bone

Muscle Disease and Neurological Conditions

The Horse’s Spine and Pelvis


Complementary Therapies

Respiratory Conditions

The Horse’s Heart and the Circulatory System

The Digestive System

The Horse’s Skin

The Reproductive System

Endocrine Disorders

Eye Injury and Disease

Behavioural Problems

Veterinary Care of the Donkey

Veterinary Procedures

Further Advice and Practical Tips

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