Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology 2nd Edition PDF.

Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology 2nd Edition 

Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology 2nd Edition PDF

By Vegad J. L.

Download Textbook of Veterinary General Pathology 2nd Edition PDF From Our Largest Veterinary Books Online. It has been extensively revised and most chapters are completely rewritten. As such it contains the latest information on molecular pathology. The changes in particular include Incorporation of the most recent information on the molecular mechanism of disease processes. Inclusion of a large number of illustrations 79 in all for an easy grasp of the complicated molecular mechanisms. Keeping in view the Veterinary Council of India (VCI) syllabus a new chapter on concretions has been added. Also in view of the VCI syllabus a new sub topic Avian Inflammation has been added in the chapter on inflammation. The main points are given in bold type. In the index in case of more page numbers for the same topic the number that covers the main discussion is shown in bold. As the book deals with basic pathology it will be very useful for medical and dental students.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 History of Pathology

Chapter 3 Cell Injury and Cell Death

Chapter 4 Inflammation

Chapter 5 Tissue Repair (Healing)

Chapter 6 Haemodynamic Disorders

Chapter 7 Cellular Adaptations of Growth and Differentiation

Chapter 8 Neoplasia

Chapter 9 Diseases of Immunity

Chapter 10 Nutritional Diseases

Chapter 11 Physical and Chemical Injuries

Chapter 12 Concretions

Chapter 13 Genetic Diseases

Chapter 14 Disturbances in Development

Chapter 15 General Pathology of Infectious Diseases


This Colour Atlas is the first publication of its kind dealing with diseases of pigs. The emphasis is on the more serious and common conditions, although there are single illustrations of some less common diseases. The main aim of the authors was to produce a book in which the illustrations, together with reference to a standard text book, would help in diagnosis. It is aimed at veterinarians and veterinary students, as well as pig farmers, stockmen, meat inspectors, etc. The chapters are as follows: abnormalities, hereditary and developmental; nutritional disorders; management-related disorders; trauma; parasitic diseases; fungal diseases; bacterial diseases; viral diseases; complex aetiology; behavioural problems and vices. There is a subject index.

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