Textbook of Wild and Zoo Animals: Care and Management, 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition

By Jacob V. Cheeran

Textbook of Wild and Zoo Animals: Care and Management, 2nd Revised and Enlarged Edition PDF. Management of wildlife both captive and free ranging is gaining importance now-a-days and veterinarians are often called to attend such situations. Consultancies to the veterinarian do not ordinarily end with treatment of diseases. It also extends to other aspects of wildlife management like housing, breeding and nutrition. It is in this context that Veterinary Council of India decided to include Wildlife Management as a course in the curriculum of B.v.Sc. & AH. students.

Wildlife management is a multi-disciplinary branch of science and several advancements have taken place in this field in the recent years. The intention of this text book is to familiarise the students with the basics of wildlife management. Topics listed include taxonomy, habitat, principles of captive management of wildlife, methods of restraint and aquaculture. Discussion on the diseases affecting the wildlife is limited to the list of diseases reported among wildlife in India. This is because veterinary students get ample opportunity to learn such topics from their regular curriculum. Similar is the case with the chapter dealing with nutrition.

Author while teaching Wildlife Sciences at College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University has felt the need for a book on wildlife management dealing specially with Indian situations for teachers and students of wildlife science both at the graduate and postgraduate level. This book although written for B.V.Sc. & AH. students, will be of use for students of Forestry, Biology and other Life Sciences, as well as for practicing Veterinarians and Foresters.

Diagrams are included with an idea to familarise the species to the reader. However it may be noted that the scales may vary for different species.

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