Ten Steps to Building a Successful Veterinary Practice

Ten Steps to Building a Successful Veterinary Practice

By Wendy Sneddon

This book is a down to earth, practical guide which provides ten simple steps for success for anyone responsible for recruiting a winning veterinary practice team: whether they are recruiting employees and building their team, or changing culture and creating a supportive environment where employees are engaged and motivated. It is ideal for small business owners who can’t afford to employ any human resource support.

Intensely practical, it delivers key facts for veterinary staff starting out in business. The book:

  • Details how you can attract, recruit and retain the right people for a winning team
  • Guides you on creating a well organised, supportive practice in which employees can flourish
  • Provides you with a basic introduction to building a strategy and improving your marketing campaigns
  • Covers the basics of sound financial planning and how to win clients and increase your revenues
  • Looks at how to manage common pitfalls

With a wealth of practical templates and forms to use, this book adopts a straight-talking approach which will be welcomed by anyone starting their own veterinary practice.

Table of Contents

1: Step 1: WHY?

2: Step 2: Your First Time?

3: Step 3: Vision, Mission, Values and Culture

4: Step 4: How to Define What and Who You Need

5: Step 5: Recruitment and Induction

6: Step 6: Performance Management and Employee Engagement

7: Step 7: Employee Health and Wellbeing

8: Step 8: How to Build a Loyal Client Database and Marketing Your Practice

9: Step 9: Financial Management

10: Step 10: Three Key Strategies to Increase Your Revenue by 25%

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