Surgery of Exotic Animals

surgery of exotic animals pdf

By R. Avery Bennett, Geoff W. Pye

Surgery of Exotic Animals PDF is the first clinical manual to provide comprehensive guidance on surgical principles and common procedures in exotic pets, zoo animals, and wildlife.

Edited by internationally recognized leaders in exotic animal surgery and zoological medicine, this much-needed volume covers invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and both terrestrial and marine mammals. Contributions from a team of surgery and zoo specialists offer detailed descriptions of common surgeries and provide a wealth of color images demonstrating how each procedure is performed—including regional anatomy and surgical approaches. An invaluable one-stop source of authoritative surgical information on exotic species, this book:

  • Provides illustrated guidance on surgical principles and common surgeries performed in exotic species
  • Describes general principles, instrumentation, equipment, suture materials, and magnification surgery
  • Covers a wide range of procedures such as small and large mammal dental surgery, avian soft tissue surgery, reptile orthopedic surgery, and primate surgery
  • Includes chapters on surgical oncology, megavertebrate laparoscopy, and minimally invasive surgery techniques

Surgery of Exotic Animals is an indispensable clinical guide and reference for all private veterinary practitioners; exotic, zoo, and wildlife veterinarians; laboratory animal veterinarians; veterinary students; and veterinary technicians.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: General Principles, Instruments, and Equipment

Chapter 2: Suture Materials

Chapter 3Magnification Surgery

Chapter 4Invertebrate Surgery

Chapter 5: Fish Surgery

Chapter 6: Amphibian Surgery

Chapter 7: Reptile Orthopedic Surgery

Chapter 8: Surgical Approaches to the Reptile Coelom

Chapter 9Reptiles: Soft Tissue Surgery

Chapter 10Avian Orthopedics

Chapter 11: Approaches to the Caudal Coelom (Abdomen) of Birds

Chapter 12: Avian Reproductive Procedures

Chapter 13: Surgery of the Avian Gastrointestinal Tract

Chapter 14: Surgery of the Avian Respiratory System and Cranial Coelom

Chapter 15: Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques in Exotic Animals

Chapter 16: Orthopedic Surgery in Small Mammals

Chapter 17: Rabbit Soft Tissue Surgery

Chapter 18: Ferret Soft Tissue Surgery

Chapter 19: Rodent Soft Tissue Surgery

Chapter 20: Soft Tissue Surgery in Hedgehogs

Chapter 21: Surgery of the Sugar Glider

Chapter 22Small Mammal Dental Surgery

Chapter 23: Large Mammal Dental Surgery

Chapter 24Primate Surgery

Chapter 25Marine Mammal Surgery

Chapter 26: Megavertebrate Laparoscopy

Chapter 27: Zoo Animal Surgery

Chapter 28Surgical Oncology in Exotics

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