Veterinary Abbreviations PDF

Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records, 3rd Edition

Standard Veterinary Abbreviations For Veterinary Medical Records 3rd Edition PDF

By American Animal Hospital Assocition

It’s vital that everyone in your practice and other practices be able to read your patients’ medical records quickly and easily. This book’s standardized abbreviations will help you:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase legibility
  • Create consistency
  • Reduce the time spent writing

Updated and expanded, the third edition of Standard Abbreviations for Veterinary Medical Records contains more than 650 general medical abbreviations, plus a section with more than 100 imaging abbreviations. Now alphabetized by abbreviation and by definition, it also includes special sections for oncology drug protocols and grading systems for conditions such as heart failure and heart murmur.

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Veterinary Abbreviations PDF