Biostatistics for Animal Science, 3rd Edition

Biostatistics for Animal Science, 3rd Edition

By M. Kaps , W.R. Lamberson

Biostatistics for Animal Science, 3rd Edition PDF is Designed to cover techniques for analysis of data in the animal sciences, this popular textbook provides an overview of the basic principles of statistics enabling the subsequent applications to be carried out with familiarity and understanding. Each chapter begins by introducing a problem with practical questions, followed by a brief theoretical background. Most topics are followed up with numerical examples to illustrate the methods described using data-sets from animal sciences and related fields. The same examples are then solved using the SAS software package.

Key features of Biostatistics for Animal Science, 3rd Edition:

– Updated throughout, and covers a wealth of new distributions and new material on non-normal dependent variables
– Improved clarity of text and examples
– Includes both basic techniques and more complex procedures to provide an essential resource whatever your level
– Contains exercises and many worked examples in SAS.

Written primarily for students and researchers in animal sciences, the text is also useful for those studying agricultural, biological, and veterinary sciences.

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Table of Contents
  • 1: Presenting and Summarizing Data
  • 2: Probability
  • 3: Random Variables and their Distributions
  • 4: Population and Sample
  • 5: Estimation of Parameters
  • 6: Hypothesis Testing
  • 7: Simple Linear Regression
  • 8: Correlation
  • 9: Multiple Linear Regression
  • 10: Curvilinear Regression
  • 11: Fixed Effects One-way Analysis of Variance
  • 12: Random Effects One-way Analysis of Variance
  • 13: Mixed Models
  • 14: Concepts of Experimental Design
  • 15: Blocking
  • 16: Change-over Designs
  • 17: Factorial Experiments
  • 18: Hierarchical or Nested Design
  • 19: Split-plot Design
  • 20: Analysis of Covariance
  • 21: Repeated Measures
  • 22: Analysis of Numerical Treatment Levels
  • 23: Discrete, Categorical and other Non-normal Dependent Variables
  • -: Solutions of Exercises
  • Appendix A: Vectors and Matrices
  • Appendix B: Statistical Tables

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