Small Animal Ophthalmology What’s Your Diagnosis

Small Animal Ophthalmology What’s Your Diagnosis PDF

By Heidi Featherstone, Elaine Holt

Small Animal Ophthalmology What’s Your Diagnosis PDF is one of the first books in an exciting new series that combines problem-based learning, case studies, and questions and answers. Designed specifically for veterinarians and students, the series aims to present material in a format to enhance critical thinking and understanding.

Adopting a case-based approach, chapters are built around common ophthalmic presentations and are directed by questions to test the reader’s ability to interpret clinical history, ophthalmic photographs and diagnostic results in order to provide differential diagnoses, diagnostic plans and treatment options.

For veterinary students, Small Animal Ophthalmology What’s Your Diagnosis book is an ideal guide to how ophthalmology cases are handled in the clinical setting. For veterinary practitioners, it is an innovative and interesting way to increase their knowledge and skills in clinical ophthalmology.

Table of Contents




List of Abbreviations.

Chapter 1 Abnormalities of Globe Size and Position.

Chapter 2 Eyelid Abnormalities.

Chapter 3 Abnormalities of the Third Eyelid.

Chapter 4 Ocular Discharge.

Chapter 5 The Painful Eye.

Chapter 6 The Red Eye.

Chapter 7 The Opaque Eye.

Chapter 8 Corneal Opacities.

Chapter 9 Abnormalities of the Iris.

Chapter 10 The Abnormal Pupil.

Chapter 11 The Blind Eye.

Chapter 12 Ocular Trauma.

Appendix 1 Practical Tips for An Ophthalmic Examination.

Appendix 2 Further Reading.



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