Small Animal Neurology: An Illustrated Text

Small Animal Neurology: An Illustrated Text PDF

By André Jaggy and Simon Platt

Small Animal Neurology: An Illustrated Text PDF provides a comprehensive overview of small animal neurology covering the diagnosis and treatment of all clinical problems. It contains detailed information on neurological examination procedures, neuropathology and genetic disorders. Individual chapters cover laboratory tests, anaesthesia, radiology and electrodiagnostics, rehabilitation, pharmacology and surgery while specific neurological diseases are usefully listed according to their location.

Detailed imaging diagnostic illustrations show neuro-anatomy and -pathology, an illustrated appendix, and a step-by-step demonstration of clinical neurological investigation. Authored by a team of international experts on small animal neurology, the English language edition has now been revised by one of the most acknowledged neurologists in the US.

Table of Contents
1. Neurological Examination of Small Animals
2. Principles of Neuropathology
3. Genetic Neurological Siseases and Breed Predisposition
4. Basic Laboratory Investigations
5. Anaesthesia
6. Neuroradiology
7. Electrodiagnostics
9. Neuropharmacology
10. Neurosurgery
11. Acupuncture
12. Stabilization of the Neurological Emergency Patient
13. Peripheral Nervous System and Musculature
14. Spinal Cord
15. Vestibular Apparatus
16. Cerebellum
17. Brain Stem
18. Cerebrum
19. Behavioural Problems and Abnormal Behaviour
20. Parasitic Neurological Diseases of the Dog and Cat
Appendix 1. Comparative sectional anatomy of the canine and feline brain
Appendix 2. Breed-specific diseases of the dog
Appendix 3. List of inheritable neurological diseases of the dog
Appendix 4. List of inheritable neurological diseases of the cat
Appendix 5. Drugs
Appendix 6. Epidemiological overview of the neurological diseases seen in dogs between 1989 and 2000 at the Small Animal Clinic in Bern, Switzerland

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